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FIRST SECOND CHANCE(2022): Short Film! Review, Star Cast and Watch Online.

In the short film FIRST SECOND CHANCE, Vaidehi and Raman, old coworkers who have been left by their children and put in a nursing home, take up the parts of their life where they left them in their adolescence.

THE FIRST SECOND CHANCE Review, Star Cast, and Where to Watch Online?

Release on OTT(Hotstar) 05 June 2022
IMDB 7/10
Genre Drama, Short Film
Runtime 24 minutes

THE FIRST SECOND CHANCE Short Film is Directed by Lakshmi R Iyer with a massive star cast of Renuka Shahane, Ananth Mahadevan, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Saahil Uppal, Nikhil Sangha, Sale Rewadikar.

The Storyline of the Short Film THE FIRST SECOND CHANCE: 

FIRST SECOND CHANCE(2022): A Simple, Heartfelt movie! Review, Star Cast and Watch Online.I believed this was it when I witnessed Bollywood’s old-age dramas of parents like Baaghban and Avtaar. These are the great movies on the subject. However, I changed my mind after seeing Yasujiro Ozu’s Japanese classic Tokyo Story. Then I saw Leo McCarey’s cult classic Make Way For Tomorrow and understood how important that movie was in all later films for decades.

That heartbreaking climax rendered me speechless for about ten minutes. Its translations, Tokyo Story and Baaghban, did not have this problem. Why? Because the best damn thing to taste is always the source material. When I consider the equations that can be derived from this concept, I discover that practically everyone has a tragic ending. Is it ever going to change suddenly?

THE FIRST SECOND CHANCE Watch Online on Hotstar: Watch Online

Will an excellent consequence for a new audience ever be seen, or will we be trapped with a duplicate? Now I believe we have a solution. The answer is Lakshmi Iyer’s short film First Second Chance. It’s not a complete explanation, but it’s a satisfactory one.

FIRST SECOND CHANCE(2022): A Simple, Heartfelt movie! Review, Star Cast and Watch Online.First Second Chance on Hotstar has a good vibe that is sometimes lacking in movies like this, as well as a hard-hitting climax to the tale that might become a powerful motherhood message in the long term. Vaidehi (Renuka Shahane) is a woman who is abandoned at a nursing home by her child Ajit (Saahil Uppal). Her sadness fades quickly as she reconnects with an old friend, Raman (Ananth Mahadevan), and begins to appreciate life in a new setting. The brief clip (Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Nikhil Sanga) brings you back to their younger days when you discover their bond.

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The ending section should not be spoiled here because it contains a lot of exciting information, so let’s hide the truth in the meantime. Regardless, the favorable response gives it energy and vibrancy, despite the fact that it poses an essential question to all parents and children around the globe. First Second Chance — if you pay attention to the name, it offers you a lot. It’s simple; all you have to do is keep your visual senses alert.

The short film FIRST SECOND CHANCE Review

Renuka Shahane’s immovable influence rules First Second Chance. She is entirely in tune with the role and picks up on all of the subtleties. Devoleena Bhattacharjee is lovely in her younger position. You won’t be able to take your gaze away from her in her saree outfit with Gajra and Bindi. Ananth Mahadevan is a very experienced performer.

You don’t have to worry about him catching the obstacle because he does so effectively. Nikhil Sangha, who plays his teenage self, is far too adorable for masculine acronyms. You’ll despise Sahil Uppal’s personality, but that’s where his success lies.


The performing group as a whole puts on a fantastic display. I have to applaud Lakshmi Iyer for saying precisely what she wanted to say. Not every director is capable of doing so. The concept of showing a good message about a painful environment and involving three eras in one note was brilliant. She dealt with the situation skillfully and efficiently.

It may not be as sophisticated as I believe it ought to be, but there are no problems because it delivers on the promises that were made by this issue. Most crucially, it provides these old-age tragic themes with a fresh start, a new dimension that has been desired for decades. We’ve finally triumphed against Baaghban’s dramatization. It took nearly two decades, but we finally got it, so we appreciate it.

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