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‘FEARLESS, 2016 Large Barrel short films which are best to binge on.


‘FEARLESS, A short Movie By Large Barrel Select’

FEARLESS: The plot of the short film:

The film FEARLESS is about a similar incident that occurred in the director’s life. The movie shows an urban resident, a photographer (Shaanti), who goes to the slums of Mumbai to do a shoot of the people and the environment they live in. While clicking photographs, she got a little hesitant by a man (Pramod Sanghi) who came behind her and asked for directions. At first, she was a little frightened because of his odd behavior. She could feel that the person she was talking to was not normal and kept staring at her in a strange manner. Immediately after a few minutes, she is seen getting caught up in the riots.

Release Date 15 October 2016
Genre Drama, Thriller
Platform Youtube
Director Nishanti Evani
Featuring Shaanti, Pramod Sanghi, Abhishek Srivastava


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But let me tell you one thing, She gets help from the same man with whom she got a little uncomfortable before. They run around the streets and get locked up in a small cabin to protect themselves from the raging mob. Shaanti, being locked up with the man, was much more afraid of him than the mob roaming around, actually killing people.

She was skeptical of him and was thinking of all the negatives and making assumptions purely based on appearance and charging at the man who was there to help amid the conditions of riots. Pramod, in the end, was even verbally abused by the authorities (Abhishek Srivastava), though he was just there to help. He was seen getting hit by the police and asked to run from the site.



The short film FEARLESS shows the mindset of people who judge others purely based on appearance and what they hear around. Just because he didn’t have a personality that could attract anyone, that doesn’t mean he is a hoax. In the movie FEARLESS, it’s clearly shown up until the end that those who aren’t well dressed or don’t speak well or have a better living are considered lowly beings and mere humans. Misjudging is a common trait of people who don’t know the actual facts or reality. The film clearly shows how the man helps the woman, who knows nothing about the surroundings and is still being left guilty of the crime he didn’t commit.

The film then returns to the competition shown in the opening scenes. On September 14, 1910, Huo faces Tanaka after defeating the European challengers. In the first round, they fight with their weapons of choice. The film shows how society preconceives the notion of judging every man as a rapist or a murderer. However, concluding in the end that it’s not the case. In the film, it’s also been shown how the authorities treat the man considering him to belong to a backward society.

The end of the movie has been demonstrated by adding some lines describing the irrationality shown among the people and the consequences faced by the individuals. Best Bollywood Movies on Sony Liv: Top 20 Movies on Sony Liv

We often focus on watching movies that deal with romantic fantasies and love. Or maybe some time science fiction! But what about the stories which deal with the real world? What about the stories that ” aam janta ” usually faces?

FEARLESS is the 12-minute must-watch movie that definitely hit us in reality! It’s a movie with a message and has conveyed it very well in the duration of 12 mins.

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