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Everything is Fine (2021), The New Short Film By Large Barrel.

Everything is Fine short film by Royal Stag selects short large films, a family comes to visit their daughter who is working in Delhi. It was supposed to be a mother-daughter thing but the father tags along because he thinks she can’t take care of herself. The mother is played by Sema Pahwa whose name is Asha, the daughter is Natasha played by Palomi Gosh.

Everything is Fine: A youtube Short Film By Large Barrel Select 

Everything is Fine short film review Series on ott
Everything is Fine short film review
Genre Drama, short
Cast Seema Pahwa, Palomi Gosh
Director Mansi Jain
OTT Release Date 10 May 2021

The wife is unhappy in the marriage and has enough, she doesn’t want to go back to her husband. However, her daughter fails to support her through this leading to the realization that she is alone in all this.

Everything is Fine is another short film by Royal Stag that selects short large films on youtube which deals with the struggles and loneliness of a woman. In almost all middle-class families’ men treat women more like their property and love is essentially missing from the equation of marriage.

The protagonist of this movie Asha, played by the superbly talented Seema Pawa is also in a similar situation, she too is in a loveless marriage, her desires, wants and even needs are ignored by everyone including her independent daughter.

Everything is Fine Youtube Short Film Review

Asha and her husband come to Delhi, she wants to go sightseeing and boating, this desire of hers like every other desire is side-lined by her husband, Asha it’s not just about boating but it represents all her wishes which were never fulfilled, all the sacrifices she made and continues to make Credits to the director for casting Sema Pahwa as the middle-aged woman we could see our mothers in, which made it even more heart-wrenching.

Everything is Fine Free Youtube Short film Series on ott
Everything is Fine Free Youtube Short film

Asha’s pain speaks to us when her husband orders her to make tea or when he doesn’t listen to her. Natasha finds her mother on the terrace crying, when Asha reveals that she has had enough of this marriage, Natasha scolds her just the way any mother would scold their daughters wanting to end an abusive marriage, life comes full circle. Natasha is not ready to accept that her parents aren’t perfect, that they are human too. She tries later to make up for it but it’s too late.

When the title of the short film appears it hits us that many women like Asha have to repress their true feelings and say that ‘ Everything is Fine’, sometimes they manage to force a smile too. After seeing this film, I went and hugged my mom and tried to understand her pain, but that was never enough.

Do watch this movie Everything is Fine by Royal Stag Select Short Large Films, it is definitely worth spending your 18 mins on and so much more.

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Everything Is Fine
Everything is Fine Royal stag Large Barrel Select Everything is Fine

Director: Mansi Jain

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