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Duranga Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, Review

Duranga Season 2 which is one of your favorite web series and a Zee5 original is back once again with the paced-up thrill and excitement. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar and created by Goldi Behl this Web series on Zee5 casts Gulshan Devaiah, Drashti Dhami, and Amit Sadh. Remake of a Korean show Flower of Evil which was a great hit. 


  • Duranga Season 2 release date is 24 October 2023.
  • Duranga on Zee5 is an adaptation of the Korean show The Flower of Evil. 
  • Duranga Season 2 cast Gulshan Devaiah and Drashti Dhami as lead. 
  • Duranga Season 2 will have 9 episodes. 
  • The story will pick up from where it left in the previous season. 

Duranga Season 1 Summary

Duranga Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, Review
Duranga Season 1

Delving from the world of serial killers the Web series follows up the story of Sammit Patel (Gulshan Devaiah) who lives a dual life where one is of being a perfect husband while the other is of a serial killer. His wife Ira Jaykar patel (Drashti Dhami) is a senior police officer who is investigating a case of killing. 

The case that is now being investigated seems to have a pattern followed up by a 17-year-old famous case. Hence Mumbai crime branch re-opens the case once again. After following every lead when Inspector Ira doesn’t get anything to cover up she gets to know that the culprit she is looking for is her husband and he even attempted to kill Ira too. Season 1 gets an open ending at this place. 

Duranga Season 2 Trailer

Duranga Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, Review
Duranga Season 2 trailer

When the past refuses to stay buried then things take a negative turn and that’s what Duranga trailer is all about. The audience will get to see the relationship dynamics between Ira and Sumit when he tells the untold truth to her.

Real Sumit Patel will get out of the coma and will try to haunt Ira’s family. With more than 14 crore views the response of the audience for the trailer is way more positive. We get to see many twist and tale already in the trailer and many more waiting ahead. 

The Duranga Season 2 story has been kept under wraps in many terms but the excitement is surely gonna be doubled this time. 

Duranga Season 2 Review- An Enchanting Tale Of A Serial Killer

Duranga Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, Review
Duranga Season 2

A good thriller hides something and reveals others to keep the audience hooked. It gives a real feel of a Bollywood k drama. Duranga Web series beholds one of the cleanest works of Drashti Dhami. 

An official adaptation of The Flower of the Evil, this web series is successful in creating the same essence all throughout. Duranga Season 2 keeps up the good work as its prequel and has brought the best out of their characters. Gulshan Devaiah playing the dual-faced role has totally nailed the character. The same goes for Drashti Dhami as well who has played the part of Ira Dubey quite well. 

It feels like the OTT platform has totally mastered the art of curating remakes and sequels. The Duranga Web series on Zee5 is an exact remake but the way directors have taken out the same in an Indian version is the true best. Not only the lead cast but the seasonal cast too has given their careers best for sure. Actor Amit Sadh has quite a good space in season 2 as compared to season 1.  Shrouded in mystery and complexity he is just brilliant. 

Hera Mishra, Divya Seth, Rajesh Khattar, Zakir Hussain, and Barkha Bisht as side characters have helped the web series to grow in terms of content plotting. 

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) 

1. How many episodes are in Duranga Season 1? 

Duranga Season 1 episodes are 9. The first season wraps up the story that got started but leaves an unimaginable twist. Season 2 is all set of drop soon. 

2.Is Duranga an adaptation of a Korean Drama? 

Yes, Duranga is an official adaptation of a Korean drama, The flower of the evil. This Web series  was a superhit on the whole and thereafter Goldi Behl created Duranga in Hindi. 

3. When will Duranga 2 episodes be out? 

Duranga 2 release date is 24 October 2023. The episodes will be streaming from midnight. The story of season 2 will be continued, comprising the aftermath of the relationship between ira and Samit. 

4.Is Duranga the Best Web Series On Zee5? 

Yes, Duranga is quite the best thriller on Zee5. With a rating of 8.5,it has also got one of the highest viewership with a badge of trending. 

5. What are the latest Hindi movies on Zee5? 

Yami Gautam’s movie Lost is one of the best latest Hindi movies on Zee5. The film has also grabbed awards and is one of the most-watched film of the OTT giant


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