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Dear Friend 2022 Tovino Thomas and Darshana Rajendran Malayalam Language Comedy Film

Dear Friend The Malayalam film, directed by Vineeth Kumar, focuses on the relationships of five friends and an event that governs their destinies. It’s a heartwarming film with themes of friendship and brotherhood.

4 Close Friend Story Dear Friend Malayalam Movie

Dear Friend Malayalam Movie Review
Dear Friend Malayalam Movie Review

This Vineeth Kumar-directed picture illustrates how some films portray characters’ feelings while also expressing audience sentiments. With its fantastic craft, compelling script, and outstanding creation, the movie about modern friendship frankly makes it sympathetic to the majority of the audience of all ages.

OTT Release Date June 10, 2022
OTT Platform Netflix
Genre Drama
Director Vineeth Kumar
Cast Tovino Thomas, Basil Joseph, Darshana Rajendran, Arjun Lal, Monica Mahendru, Krithika, Sanchana Natarajan, Arjun Radhakrishnan.

Vinod, Shyam, Arjun, Sajith, and Jannath are Bengaluru-based buddies. They share an incredible bond and live, dine, and drink together. The friendship that has been shown in the movies makes you feel like you had such friends too. They have been known to play nasty jokes on their friends, such as forcing one to dress up in a funny Superman costume on his birthday evening and dragging him to the bar. But will these pranks or jokes lead them to some serious problems? Will these pranks escalate into something more serious, or will they remain innocuous?

Dear Friend Review of A Friendship Golas 

Vineeth, who made his directorial debut with Ayal Najanalla in 2015, has delivered a flawless second effort. His acting in this movie Dear Friend is indeed commendable. Sharf, Suhas, and Arjun Lal have written a sweet companionship story full of reminiscence, quirks, humor, dread, worry, sorrow, and togetherness. Cinematographer Shyju Khalid has made it enjoyable with graphics that express emotions through rotating camera angles. Editing by Deepu Joseph, melody by Justin Varghese, audiography by Mr. Rajakrishnan, getup design by Mehar Hamsa, and sound blending by Vikky and Kishan add to the atmosphere.

The successive tones used by colorist Liju Prabhakar in the images are fascinating in the film. The color correction varies depending on the location, from Bengaluru to Mumbai, and the movie’s atmosphere too. Overall, it seems incredible, from costume to site. Everything here is just the most distinguished.

Tovino Thomas Palyed A signficant role in Dear Friend

Dear Friend 2022 Tovino Thomas
Dear Friend 2022 Tovino Thomas

Tovino Thomas demonstrates an incredible performance playing Vinod, who might be part of one’s life as a companion who connects their hearts and becomes a memorable person. I am very sure that when you watch this film, you will definitely relate to Vinod. I can say that at some point in your friendship or life, you will undoubtedly have played the role of Vinod! The script gives each actor equal screen time, and Arjun Radhakrishnan, Darshana Rajendran, Arjun Lal, and Basil Joseph all did a fine job portraying them. Aye Auto fame Rekha who would seem in Malayalam cinema after a bit of while, has delivered her role with simplicity.

Shows The Affinity of Characters 

There are films with definite endings and others that have the possibility to be explored further and live on long after they have been formally concluded. Films with open-ended narratives include Inception, Shutter Island, Udta Punjab, and Piku. It’s reasonable for those who live in a spoon-feeding environment to be annoyed by Dear Friend and have conflicting reactions to it.

Nevertheless, the film, which is brilliantly constructed around the intricacies of the numerous feelings that friendships may bring to one’s life, is set in a modern, urban setting. There would be a Vinod in everyone’s life; even amongst the closest connections, there would be urban sorrow. Dear Friend is a book for people who value close connections as a vital element of their lives. Bonding also includes letting go, allowing space, and embracing people for who they are.

In my final words, the recent streaming Malayalam movie Dear Friend is an upper-average movie. If you are a teenager or in college, you will love this movie for sure.

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Dear Friend
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Director: Vineeth Kumar

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