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Dasara OTT Release: Watch Online 2023

Dasara OTT release is among the much awaited films on OTT and finally it is here. Keerthy Suresh Movie Dasara, is streaming on Netflix.But is it worth your time? Let’s find out in this seriesonott article. 


  • Dasara OTT Release has been Made. 
  • Dasara is streaming on Netflix.
  • Dasara Movie cast and crew includes Nani and Keerthy Suresh. 
  • Dasara movie Budget was 65 crore. 
  • Dasara Box office collection was 115 crore. 
  • Dasara is available to watch in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannnada languages.

Dasara OTT Release

Dasara OTT Release: Watch Keerthy Suresh movie Online
Dasara OTT Release

Watch Now

Title Dasara
Dasara OTT Release 27 April 2023
OTT Platform Netflix
IMDB 7.4
Genre Crime, Action
Star cast Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Dheekshith Shetty
Runtime 156 minutes

Dasara is a Telugu language drama which is helmed under debutant director Srikant Odela. 

Dasara Movie Plot Summary

The story of a film can take its birth from anywhere. Striking a particular subject and making a story over it is definitely an art. The story is set in 2009 where Nani(Dharani) robs coal to exist. He does that for a living. Dharani has a grandmother and the village he lives in is a big alcoholic. 

Coal mine story has just been used as a prop for the story and the story is not connected to it in a way. The story is about a village where two friends live who don’t have any particular goals to achieve in life. But one day an incident turns their life upside and they become strongly

Dasara Movie Review: 

Dasara OTT Release: Watch Keerthy Suresh movie Online
Dasara OTT Release

The storyline of the movie has been kept so subtle and rooted. The visuals, character appearance and BGM is insane and it connects so well with the main plot. 

The movie opens up with a proper story narration establishing a proper setup, and giving a proper background.

The first half can make you go a little slow but as you proceed towards the interval Nani and Keerthy Suresh movie turns out to be a proper deal breaker. The brutal movie scenes will give you goosebumps. 

Nani, in the second half of the movie, is totally a treat to the eye. He has just taken it all by his acting delivering a top-notch movie.

With each and every approach and expression Nani is super brilliant and on Point.

The interval and climax are jaw-dropping. Just brilliant with execution making it a perfect mass entertainer. The film will be an excellent choice to watch with family as it is a full entertainer with good dialogue and no intimacy. 

Dasara movie actress Keerthy Suresh(Vennela) has totally stolen the show and she has perfectly stolen the show by her performance. Dasara movie cast and crew includes Sai kumar, Samuthirakani, Deekhshith Shetty, Nani, and Keerthy Suresh

The Hindi dubbed Dasara also gives you the same sense as it has been kept very prompt. Sharad Kelkar has given the voice of Nani.. No one could be better than him indeed. 

Dasara Movie OTT release has finally been made. You can unwind the Action on Netflix. 


Dasara Movie Review: Dasara Movie is a mass entertainer and carries one of the best performances of Nani and Keerthy Suresh. Dasara OTT platform being Netflix the film is worth the watch. 


1.Is Dasara available on ott ?

Yes, Dasara is available on ott Netflix in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada from 27 April 2023. 

2. Where can I watch Dasara movies online?

The audience could watch Dasara movies on the ott platform Netflix now in various languages in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada.

3. What to see on ott today?

Today viewers could see Dasara, Shehzada, Tooth Pari, Rana Naidu, Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, and Mission Majnu on OTT. Dasara hindi ott is also available on the subsequent OTT platforms.

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