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Daagdi Chaawl 2 Mumbai Slum Destruction Story on Prime Video

Some films can’t be categorized as completely real-life events or based on fiction. Daagdi Chaawl’s franchise is one such story. Directed by Chandrakant Kanse, Daagdi Chaawl 2 continues from where the first part and its events left off.

The story is driven by the central character, Daddy. Though the makers have mentioned the fictitious nature of the film, the character of Daddy is somewhat inspired by the life of an actual person, This Marathi movie shows its best character to the audience to relate to some on-screen happenings with actual instances.

Daagdi Chaawl 2 Marathi Action Drama Sequal Film On Prime Video

Daagdi Chaawl 2 Mumbai Slum Story
Daagdi Chaawl 2 Mumbai Slum Story
OTT Release Date 18th September 2022
OTT Platform Amazon Prime Video
Genre Drama, Action, Crime
IMDB 8.3/10
Language Marathi
Director Chandrakant Kanse
Starring Makarand Deshpande, Ankush Chaudhari, Pooja Sawant.

The movie itself begins slowly and takes some time to pick up speed. If you’ve seen the first installment, you might find the early developments a little tedious. The plot is mostly around Daddy and Surya. While Daddy has entered politics, Surya, at Sonal’s request, has shifted from Daagdi Chawl and is now enjoying a quiet life with his family. His ability to aid those in need, on the other hand, has not changed.

So, when two of Daddy’s closest associates are assassinated and it appears that the man himself is in danger, Surya is summoned. Surya turns down the offer. This is when the story takes an unexpected turn. Watch Daagdi Chaawl 2 on Amazon Prime Video to discover what unfolds next.

Real Life-Based Character Daddy Story In Daagdi Chaawl Part 2 Review

Daagdi Chaawl 2 best Marathi Film.
Daagdi Chaawl 2 best Marathi Film.

The character of Daddy, created by Kanse, is given an ideal performance by Makarand Deshpande. While the plot majorly revolves around Daddy, the trouble in the life of Surya and his wife Sonal is also highlighted. The performances of Makarand Deshpande and Ankush Chaudhari catch the limelight. Pooja Sawant also plays an ideal supportive role. There are themes of political violence and gang wars, with abusive language and violence.

Another excellent quality of the film is its depiction of the Daagdi Chaawl. The film does not shy away from depicting the negative side of the locale, which is one of the reasons it has received critical acclaim. The picture, however, is not without defects. The first half of the picture is rather slow-paced, and the plot takes a long to get underway. The film depicts how the illegal sector is exploited to accomplish control. Surya, who works for Daddy in the first chapter, will go up against Daddy in the second part.

Marathi Film (दागड़ी चाल 2) Makers Decipts The Real Story 

Marathi Film (दागड़ी चाल 2) Makers Decipts The Real Story 

The flashback that the filmmaker has combined with the previous portion is beautifully interwoven in the second part. You don’t even notice that you’re viewing a Marathi film while watching it. Some sequences in the film are bound to elicit applause and whistles. The film’s compilation is outstanding; it does not lag anywhere, and the filmmaker has excelled in this area. The background music is also appropriate for the picture.

The crew also deserves praise for the appropriate cinematography, screenplay, and background score in maintaining the proper criminal drama setup which is really interesting for Marathi cinema lovers to follow. Overall, Daagdi Chaawl is a good enough film that actually portrays the reality of people living in a chaawl. Due to the amazing performances, direction, and storyline, it is a must-watch.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):

When was Daagdi Chaawl 2 release on OTT?

OTT’s Release date was 18th September 2022, On Prime Video

Who are the main characters in Daagdi Chaawl 2?

The main characters in Daagdi Chaawl 2 are Daddy and Surya.

Which actors play the characters of Daddy and Surya?

Daddy and Surya are played by Makarand Deshpande and Ankush Chaudhari respectively.

Daagadi Chawl 2
Good news for Marathi cinema lovers Daagdi Chaawl 2 is Daagdi Chaawl 2,Marathi movie

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