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Watch Criminal Justice Season 3 on Hotstar, Starring Pankaj Tripathi And Swastika Mukherjee

Criminal Justice Season 3, To be honest, after a long period, is a series that does not disappoint with its upcoming sequel. Undoubtedly Criminal Justice Season 1 was just incredible, but Season 2 broke the record. After Criminal Justice Season 1 and Season 2, we expect the same level of thrill and entrainment. So are you excited to watch Pankaj Tripathi solving a mysterious case again?

hotstar series Criminal Justice Season 3 review series on ott
hotstar series Criminal Justice Season 3 review series on Ott
  • OTT Release Date (Hostar+Disney) – 26 August 2022.
  • IMDB- 8.1/10
  • Genre-Thriller, Suspense
  • Director-Rohan Sippy
  • Criminal Justice Season 3 Cast-Pankaj Tripathi, Swastika Mukherjee, Purab Kohli, Gaurav Gera

Pankaj Tripathi Crime Thriller Series Criminal Justice Season 3 Story, Cast, Episodes And Review

Talking about Criminal Justice Season 3 (Adhura Sach), the plot revolves around a teenage girl ( Zara Ahuja) who is a famous and popular daily soap actress. Her family includes a stepmother, a father, and a stepbrother( Mukul Ahuja).

She is one of the leading actresses, and her brother didn’t like her and was always jealous of her success. Suddenly one day, she got missing, and her body was found in the river. She was killed using acid.

All the suspicions caused by his brother’s activities led the police department to conclude that his brother had committed murder. But do you really think the murder is done by his brother? Maybe it could be a trap for him.

Maybe there are other people included in this murder? Most importantly, as she was killed using acid; hence her face was unidentical, but the clothes and jewelry she wore signified that she was dead. So maybe she is still alive?

Watch This Adhura Sach Of Criminal Justice Season 3 – Review

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Pankaj Tripathi, Much awaited release on Hotstar,

To be honest, not a single minute you will find anything boring. On the contrary, it continuously keeps you engaged and wondering what will happen next. Until now, two episodes have been released on Hotstar, but the entry of Pankaj Tripathi is missing. Surely, as we all waited, he will be appearing with his amazing acting skills and dialogues in episode 3.

It was found in the first two episodes that the protagonist, or can be said, Zara Ahuja was a sweet, simple girl with no friends. She just used to focus on her career. Her acting is quite commendable, but as of now, she is dead, and we cannot see her much with her acting skills. On the other hand, Mukul Ahuja, Zara’s stepbrother, is a drug addict and even his acting is quite natural.

The film, which Rohan Sippy directs, doesn’t spend any time drawing the audience into the story. Except for the scenes with Mishra’s sex-worker client, which felt poorly done, the screenplay by Bijesh Jayarajan and It Agarwal is highly engrossing and keeps the audience captivated almost constantly.

The first two episodes, which debuted today, take their time setting up the essential facts of the narrative and acclimating the viewers to the world of the Ahuja.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review
Criminal Justice Season 3 Review

Regarding the performances, each person in the entire cast of Rohan Sippy gives exemplary work. Pankaj Tripathi does not appear in a lot of the two episodes, but he always steals the show with his demure charm and polished line delivery.

Despite the fact that Swastika Mukherjee is stunning and does a great job portraying a loving, sympathetic, and nurturing mother to her two children, Purab Kohli is also impressive.

Hotstar Original Web Series Criminal Justice Franchise Alwys Thrill The Audience 

As told earlier, a strong performance is also given by Aditya Gupta as the troubled adolescent Mukul, as well as by Deshna as Zara, who succumbs to peer pressure and, like all young adolescents, wants to have fun right away.

Shweta Basu Prasad matches the role perfectly as a young attorney who is eager to take on a challenging case. In the next episodes, it would be intriguing to see how she does against an expert Madhav Mishra.

Criminal Justice Season 3
Criminal Justice Season 3 Review Pankaj Tripathi Much awaited release Criminal Justice Season 3,pankaj tripathi

Director: Rohan Sippy

Date Created: 2023-08-14 16:00

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