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Country Mafia Review (2022): Quite Impressive With An Ordinary Story

Country Mafia
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Director: Shashank Raai

Date Created: 2024-05-22 13:20

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Country Mafia Review (2022), The Mafia series has been released on Zee5 and is the next interesting web series after Mukbir when it comes to crime. It is set in Bihar and is a revenge drama that tells a story of revenge, crime, and action.

The series depicts the ongoing events in Bihar where one family seeks revenge against the mafia and the siblings become newly minted mafias. It looks like Mirzapur after the trailer was released. 


  • Country Mafia is available on Zee5.
  • It had a total of 6 episodes.
  •  The runtime of every episode is 20-30 minutes.
  • The series makes us familiar with Mirzapur
  • The story is set in Bihar.

Country Mafia Released On Zee5 Plot And Story

Title  Country Mafia
Genre Crime
Creator Shashank Raai
Featured Ravi Kishan, Satish Kaushik, Anshuman Pushkar, Anita Raj, Soundarya Sharma
Release Date 18 November 2022
OTT Platform Zee5

The plot is set in Bihar and revolves around siblings Ajay (Anushuman Pushkar) and Nannu ( Soundarya Sharma ), who are IAS aspirants. But their life takes an unexpected turn. They become vengeance after their father’s death and their mother Mamta (Anita Raj) becomes furious after knowing the name of the killer who is none other than the liquor mafia Babban Rai (Ravi Kishan). Can they avenge their father? Why did Babban Rai kill their father? For the full story, watch the story and the conclusion on Zee5.

Crime Thriller Country Mafia Review: Watch Online On Zee5

Crime Thriller Country Mafia Review: Watch Online On Zee5
Crime Thriller Country Mafia Review: Watch Online On Zee5

The plot in this crime thriller revolves around a society where a mafia rules over a city, and people are used to it. The cinematography looks quite realistic and is well-suited to Bihar.

The creator of this may be inspired by series and movies like Mirzapur, and Gangs of Wasserpu. You may feel similar to them after watching this series. Shashank Raai has done his best to create this series.

The performances of the actors is good, including Anita Raaj, who wants to kill Babban Rai and motivates her children to do so. This is in addition to Ravi Kishan, who has already played a similar character.

He totally looks perfect in that character. Meanwhile, Soundarya Sharma, the daughter of Mamta, is active in the organization and coordinates well with her brother. And the performance of Satish Kaushik is timeless as always.

It is a negative point of Anushman Pushkar’s portrayal of Ajay that he struggles to manage his character well. A negative point is the plot lacks depth in this crime thriller series, which is a one-dimensional story with a single-minded protagonist. 

This series tells a story. As long as the human soul never shows, none of them is a dilemma. Sometimes the background music irritates us while watching this series. This series also introduces a few new characters who are purposeless and not impactful.

Ravi Kishan Movie Country Mafia Conclusion

In general, the series has both good and bad points. The star cast is renowned, however, they cannot carry the story, thanks to the performances of actors such as Anita Raj, Ravi Kishan, Soundarya Sharma, and Satish Kaushik.

The series is intense because of action, crime, and revenge. If you want some action, crime and drama then you should watch this series which is now streaming on Zee5. If this series is a success, the sequel may be forthcoming, so stay tuned on seriesonott.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) –

What OTT platform is Country Mafia streaming now?

Country Mafia is streaming now on Zee5 OTT Platform.

Which actor portrays Babban Rai in Country Mafia?

The character of Babban Rai is portrayed by Ravi Kishan in the Country Mafia web series.

What is the story of Country Mafia Zee5?

There is a lot of crime in the Zee5 series Country Mafia, which is set in Bihar.

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