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Top 10 Comedy Movies on Sony Liv Ultimate Goosebumps Watching With Giggles

Comedy Movies on Sony Liv: SonyLiv is an unimaginable and renowned internet-based video real-time feature that we as a whole know. Every kind of film is available in it. We as a whole need to appreciate it for quite a while with a grin and giggling and assuming we invested this energy with some fantastic parody film which can assist with helping our mind-set and furthermore invigorating it to move in work again that will be magnificent.

List of Comedy Movies On Sony Liv

SonyLiv is also a well-known platform for all kinds of shows that exist. Here is a list of Top 10 Comedy films which can be found on Comedy Movies on SonyLiv

1-  Piku IMDB- 7.6

Piku Comedy Movies on SonyLiv
Piku Comedy Movies on SonyLiv

Directed by Shoojit Sircar, Piku on Sony Liv is an interesting drama that details a father-daughter relationship in the most earnest and candid way possible. The road trip from Delhi to Kolkata is the heart and soul of the movie, and the humor, performances, and music combined make Piku with Deepika Padukone and her father starring Amitabh Bachan and Irrfan Khan in the lead role a cute, emotional, and entertaining watch.

2- Jhankar Beats IMDB- 7.2

Jhankar Beats Comedy movies on sony liv
Jhankar Beats Comedy movies on Sony Liv

Jhankar Beats, an odd melodic comedy coordinated by Sujoy Ghosh and an accolade for R. D. Burman, revolves around two men, who get a proposal to work for a publicizing effort for a condom producer. However, their lives change for the better when their employer’s son joins them in the project. Comedy adventure Available on Sony Liv.

3- Bhoothnath IMDB- 6.4

Bhoothnath Comedy movie on sony liv
Bhoothnath Comedy movies on Sony Liv

The story starts with the day when Aditya, Anjali, and their son, Banku move into a new place, The Nath Villa. The famous actor Amitabh Bachchan leads the pack with Shah Rukh Khan in an appearance. This comedy is a must-watch with your kids, as tune in to Sony Liv.

4- Pk  IMDB- 8.2

Pk Best comedy movie on sony liv
Pk Best comedy movies on Sony Liv

Showing up on the planet, an outsider (Aamir Khan) is quickly robbed of the main thing he’s wearing, the remote by means of which he can return home. Remaining unaware of human ways, language, apparel, or lies, the outsider pursues frantically for his remote, his tricks odd enough for individuals to inquire as to whether he’s ‘pee kay’ or drunk. This comic sequence is a massive success on board and is available on Sony Liv.

5- Bawarchi IMDB- 8.1

Bawarchi comedy movies on sony liv
Bawarchi comedy movies on Sony Liv

Bawarchi is simply a charming film and one that always makes us smile, even though it’s heavy on moralistic aphorisms and homely words of wisdom. If you love to watch old family dramas then this one is definitely for you. although there are numerous hints throughout that he may not be the one he pretends to be.

6- Green Book IMDB- 8.2

Green Book comedy movie on sony liv
Green Book comedy movie on sony liv

A personal, satirical drama, Green Book recounts the narrative of Dr. Don Shirley who is a top-notch African-American musician and is going to set out on a show visit in the Deep South in 1962. Shirley is in critical need of a driver and assurance, and he enrolls Tony Lip, an intense talking, full macho bouncer from an Italian-American area in the Bronx.

The men set out on their excursion and run over different contrasts that put them aside yet in spite of that, they bond as they observe likenesses and talk about bigotry they have gone over and risk in the period of isolation.

7- A Dog’s Purpose IMDB- 7.2

A Dog’s Purpose watch online on sony Liv
A Dog’s Purpose watch online on sony Liv

The film, which is both a comedy and an emotional classic, chronicles the journey of a dog who lives four lives, each with a different owner, over the period of five decades. As he spends time with his owners, he finds his actual purpose. Through the lives of humans, a dedicated dog (Josh Gad) discovers the meaning of its own existence.

As it reincarnates into a variety of lovable dogs, it teaches them to laugh and love, but he is trapped with one guy named Ethan with whom he has a particular link and who returns to him after completing his one life to remind him what life is all about. If you are an animal lover, then you must tune into Sony Liv for this amazing masterpiece.

8- Hitch IMDB- 6.7

Hitch comedy movies on sony liv
Hitch comedy movies on sony liv

An exemplary Will Smith parody film recounts the narrative of a dating mentor Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, played by Smith who guides a blundering client, Albert. His only wish is to impress the most elegant, Allegra Cole.

While Albert gains his headway, Hitch deals with issues in his own affection life, as his strategies neglect to chip away at a correspondent named Sara. At the point when Sara recovers soil in Allegra’s adoration life, she runs over the association she, her now sweetheart Albert has with Hitch. This revelation now threatens to destroy both of their relationships and will leave you giggling in its own way.

9- The BFG IMDB- 6.4

The BFG best movies on sony liv
The BFG best movies on sony liv

BFG is a splendid Disney creation, which is all magical and scary. The story follows a ten-year-old Sophie who is in for a mind-blowing experience when she meets the Big Friendly Giant. Clearly terrified from the start, the youngster before long understands that the 24-foot goliath is no beast except for really the embodiment of a delicate monster, who she sees as very beguiling.

As their fellowship develops, the young lady’s presence draws in the undesirable consideration of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater, and different giants. Now, after traveling to London, Sophie and the BFG take on a very important task to convince Queen Victoria to help them get rid of all the bad giants once and for all.

10 – The House With Clock In Its Walls. IMDB- 6

The House With Clock In Its Walls on sony liv
The House With Clock In Its Walls on sony liv

This can be a very fun and magical movie to watch with anyone. It recounts the narrative of a ten-year-old kid named Lewis who goes to reside with his very peculiar uncle in a creaky and shocking old house that has a strange ‘tick tock’ commotion. It takes him no time to realize that his uncle and the weird neighbor are actually creaky magicians. All of which is unexpected when, when Lewis accidentally stirs the dead, the languid, old town springs back to life, uncovering a hazardous mystery and world loaded up with witches, warlocks, and dangerous curses.

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