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A Review of College Romance Season 3 now streaming on Sony Liv

College Romance Season 3,  The fun continues after the exploits of the first two seasons when Naira, Bagga, Karan, and Trippy resume their college life.

DATE ON OTT  16th September 2022
GENRE Drama, Comedy
IMDB 8.4/10
DIRECTOR Parijat Joshi
STARRING Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora, Manjot Singh

Sony Liv Original College Romance Season 3

College Romance Season 3

The fun continues after the exploits of the first two seasons when Naira, Bagga, Karan, and Trippy resume their college life. There are personal attractions and crushes amidst the group. Apart from that, there are also some differences among them likely to blow up. The characters have to encounter several challenges which come their way. They tackle those in their typical manner, which is interesting to see. Therefore, the first two seasons are a roller-coaster ride of fun and drama which can be a great watch for the young generation.

REVIEW & STORYLINE of College Romance Season 3 

The third season of the popular young drama College Romance, just like its precursors, delves into the challenges and troubles faced by college students in their personal lives. Naira has relocated to the US and is in a long-distance relationship with Bagga. However, there’s suspicion about Bagga cheating on her. Karan tries to discover what is happening and we see that the plot develops in an interesting manner. Circumstances lead to immediate twists and turn and the relationships have to undergo testing times. Season 3 of College Romance is a combination of a whole set of emotions.

It can make you cry, laugh and confuse at the same time in such a way that you will not be able to forget a single narrative. Bagga is the typical lover in the third season. There’s a surprise revolving around his character which will unfold as the show progresses. The entertaining element could be seen in the first episode itself as Bagga is seen hosting auditions. Gagan Arora has done a great job as Bagga.

He is seen at the college canteen this season and it is not a surprise anymore considering his activities in the earlier seasons. Apoorva Arora has also played the character of Naira really well and is shown as a long-distance lover. There is a scene where Gagan and Apoorva burst into laughter during their couple’s massage session. In episode 4, everything changes dramatically which is both fun and fascinating. Because of the scenarios generated here, you are continually curious about what will happen next. The season’s finest feature is that the series keeps its flavor. While much is changing, the core unit – the group of buddies – remains as strong as ever. Even this time, it’s the cutest thing to watch.

College Romace season 3

College Romance Season 3 The Young Group Fun

The bond which exists among the group is special. The season is definitely going to be interesting for the audience. Gagan has the climax scene which he aces scintillatingly. Director Parijat Joshi has lived up to the standards of the older seasons and delivered another entertaining season. Technically, TVF has been up to it with some great cinematography thanks to Shiv Prakash. Also, the screenplay for season 3 is fine as the visuals have been quite at par with the audience’s expectations. Overall, College Romance season 3 is a fun-to-watch experience.

College Romance season 3 is another successful season providing wholesome content with the ideal mix of comedy, drama, and romance. There is overdoing of a single element. The ending of the season happened in the most surprising way, which keeps the viewers guessing for the next season. The cliffhanger’s timing is exquisite and it is quite unbelievable what will unfold on screen. The show has the correct fit of dialogues and punchlines with perfect timing. It is a show that not many dramedy fans, especially Gen Z would miss out on.

College Romance Season 3
Romance comedy and friendships are back with a new twist College Romance Season 3,College Romance

Director: Parijat Joshi

Date Created: 2023-07-04 16:21

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