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Cobra Movie and Blonde Premiere on OTT: 2 New and Booming titles have been released

Cobra is a 2022 thriller movie starring Chiyaan Vikram, in multiple roles within the same film. The film seems to have built excitement but only to a limit, from where the plot demands some more rigidity. Blonde is a biopic on a fictional account of the life of famous American actress, Marilyn Monroe. Ana de Armas plays Monroe’s character in the film.

Sony Liv Hindi Dubbed Cobra Movie Plot, Review And Release Date

Cobra Movie

RELEASE DATE ON OTT 28th September 2022
GENRE Mystery, Crime
IMDB 6.4/10
DIRECTOR Ajay Gnanamuthu
Cobra movie streaming SonyLiv 
STARRING Vikram, Irfan Pathan, Srinidhi Shetty

Cobra Movie  Aslan Yilmaz is an Interpol officer assigned with investigating the assassinations of some high-profile politicians. He and Judith Samson figure out that it is Cobra who is behind the killings, and his real name is Madhi.

However, there is something far more serious and secretive that is going on with Madhi. What happens next? Watch Cobra on SonyLiv to find out more about Madhi’s reality.

Review of Tamil Movie Cobra On Sony Liv 

Cobra Movie: The film has the feel of a well-fed action thriller. There are firearms everywhere, a wealthy baddie who parades around in bathrobes and shirts, and a handler who also serves as Madhi’s tutor. Although the hero appears to be a one-man army, he receives orders from his handler, without whom he would be considered little more than a mathematician. 

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Vikram, as everyone knows him, has given a stupendous performance as the titular character. The actor is given enough room to develop his acting chops, which he does with elegance.  Rahman’s music, as predicted, becomes a big strength in this picture.

In particular, whenever Madhi is given a task, the magnificent title theme is played in the background as a signal. Director Ajay Gnanamuthu’s conception deserves praise irrespective of his ambitious attempt to merge action and emotional drama.

Despite this, Cobra ends up being just another mediocre film that fails to be both an exciting actioner and an emotional drama. What is more disheartening than viewing a film that falls short of expectations is witnessing one that wastes its own potential.

The concepts are there, and there is an apparent attempt to make it a distinctive, fascinating viewing, however, it all goes wrong due to the unnecessary ambition highlighted in the film.

It appears that the picture succumbed to the genre’s compulsions, with every box that may constitute an action film typically being checked. The film never delves deeper, and we never learn the reason for what he does. Overall, it is a good one-time watch action thriller.

Blonde, a Marilyn Monroe fictional biopic has also been released today

Cobra Movie Clashes With Netflix Blonde

RELEASE DATE ON OTT 28 September 2022
GENRE Drama, Biography 
IMDB 6.3/10
DIRECTOR Andrew Dominik

Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale

Netflix Biography Blonde Plot

Blonde Movie

The film shows the early life and childhood of Norma which is not quite positive. She grows up and gradually has a stage name to cast as a heroine for auditions.

The conflict between her personal and professional life became the reason for many difficulties that she faced in her career. What happens next in her life? Is she able to face her struggles? Watch Blonde on Netflix to know more about Marilyn Monroe.

Review of Blonde Netflix Movie 

The film exploits Marilyn Monroe in the same way that so many men did during the cultural icon’s tragic, all-too-brief existence. Maybe that’s the intention, but it presents a perplexing paradox: denouncing the abuse faced by the diva until her death at the age of 36 but yet rejoicing in it.

This is a purposely confrontational film, an almost three-hour epic that strains the boundaries of endurance not just physically but also mentally, and it will most likely alienate spectators expecting a more traditional experience.

The film’s overall point of view is not personal. It is not Marilyn who is talking to us, but someone who has knowledge of her life. It’s a puzzle that you’re not supposed to put together.

The film clearly does not aim to eliminate the mystique and enchantment that surrounds the great performer. Instead, it wants viewers to explore the depths of this appeal while remaining distant enough to keep the secret alive.

Whether it’s Norma’s marriages, her affairs, or the last act, when she feels as if she’s being pursued by someone after becoming pregnant, the film is the ideal combination of reality and falsehoods.

Ana de Armas has done a good job in Norma’s character giving her a full range of emotions and feelings. Director Andrew Dominik reproduces some of the most landmark moments from Marilyn’s real life when the media followed her everywhere.

Also, the white dress which is a signature Marilyn Monroe costume was his idea. The film’s theme is dark and somewhat tormenting. However, it would be a good intuitive insight for viewers who are curious about the legacy left behind by Marilyn Monroe. 

FAQ on Cobra Movie

When And Where Tamil Movie Cobra be released on OTT?

Cobra was released on 28th September 2022 on SonyLiv. 

Who is the main character in Cobra and which actor plays it?

The main character in Cobra is Madhi/Cobra played by Vikram.

Where and when will Blonde be released?

Blonde will be released on Netflix on 28 September 2022.

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