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CLAP The sound of Success (2022) Review, OTT Release And Cast

Clap The Sound of Success.
Review On CLAP – The sound of success CLAP The sound of success

Director: Prithivi Adithya, Shri Shirdi Sai Movies.

Date Created: 2024-06-15 20:21

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The scenes of CLAP The sound of success movie involve the relationship between Kathir and Mithra and the emotions created between them after Kathir met with an accident, and when he starts, his acting of being distant was far more interesting than the actual plot that the director wanted to deliver. The story narrated from Mithra’s view would have been a positive and refreshing attempt.

CLAP The Sound of Success OTT Release, IMDB Rating, Cast

For ages, dramas regarding sports have always followed a similar pattern. Generally, in this type of movie, either the protagonist wins the battle after innumerable hurdles, or they live through their dreams and a protege. The movie CLAP The sound of success is nothing different, and it falls under the second category. It is one of the top 10 movies made about sports drama.

Release on OTT ( SonyLIV) 11th March 2022.
IMDB 7.8 / 10
Genre Sport Director – Prithivi Adithya, Shri Shirdi Sai Movies.
Cast Aakanksha Singh, Aadhi, Rajasekhar Aningi,  Krisha Kurup.

The story of CLAP The sound of success has taken all over hearts to the right place, but the outcome falls flat, which does not show that much excitement expected from a classic sports drama. Clap has given a new meaning to Indian movies. An ott platform like Sony Liv provides a tough competition to newly released Hindi movies.

CLAP The Sound Of Success Story And PLOT

CLAP The Sound Of Success PLOT

“Patience is the Key to Success.” With its lead actor Aadhi, the movie CLAP The sound of success was under production for quite a long time, and the pandemic only added to their distress. However, the movie has finally been released and can attract an audience.

In the first scene, we can see Kathir ( Aadhi ), who had a significant accident where his father, Prakash Raj, is killed, and in that accident, he loses one of his limbs. After the accident, we learned that Kathir is a national-level athlete, and his dream of winning the championship of the national-level athletics is destroyed. The accident and the traumatic stress he was going through affected Kathir and his wife Mithra’s (Aakanksha Singh) relationship, and he stopped talking with her.

However, his life changes when he learns about Bhagyalakshmi (Krisha Kurup), a village girl, and her talent in running in an event held in the state. Kathir visits the girl in Madurai and offers to train her for the national championships. Many coaches reject Bhagyalakshmi and refuse to teach her under them since they had power politics in sports and a past enmity with an association authority,  Venkatram (Nasser). After all the rejections, Kathir decides to train Bhagyalakshmi. The movie CLAP The sound of success now revolves around whether the girl defeats all the odds and wins the national championship and how Kathir lived his dream by being the coach of Bhagyalakshmi in the rest of the film.

"CLAP The Sound of Success (2022)" OTT Release, IMDB Rating, Cast

 The Review, A Predictable Sports Drama!

Prithivi  Adithya,  the director’s intention to make a sports drama emotional, is evident from the first scene of a motivated athlete losing one of his legs. The stages of the film are done very well by setting up high hopes for some novelty. The storyline involves the caste politics and powers in the sports associations visible in the movie Clap, which was also in the other movies of the same genre.

Aadhi has proved himself an incredibly talented performer as always, and in Clap, he delivered a star performance as a handicapped athlete. In character, he fits in perfectly since the character is headstrong as a young athlete, and he had to fight down his internal battles after the traumatic event.

 A Predictable Sports Drama! “CLAP The Sound Of Success (2022)

Aakanksha Singh and  Krisha Kurup played their roles with perfection. Aakanksha’s performance, especially in the climax scene where she breaks down, shows her potential as an actress. The legendary composer Ilaiyarajaa’s background music adds more flavour to the movie

The movie CLAP The sound of success is an average satisfactory sports drama that gives you lots of doses of motivation,  mental state, positivity, and mental health in your surroundings for your weekend. Clap has already entered the list of good movies on the Sony Liv OTT platform. 

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