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Call Me By Your Name: A Homosexual Relationship showcased in a beautiful way

Call me by your name: A progressive homosexual film that has also made it to the Oscars 2018 has finally been released on Amazon Prime Video on the first of June 2022. How you lead your life is your personal choice but keep in your mind that you will only get your heart and mine only once and as you come to know till then your heart already has been tired. Talking about your body there is a time when no one looks at it in that way. This film got 4 nominations and Oscars and got one award.

Call me by your name prime video movie review series on ott
Call me by your name prime video movie review series on Ott
  • Release on OTT: 01 June 2022
  • OTT Platform: Amazon Prime Video
  • Genre:  Drama
  • IMDB:7.8/10
  • Runtime: 2 h 12 min
  • Director: Luca Guadagnino
  • Writer: James Ivory(Screenplay) , Andre Acima(Based on his novel) 
  • Featuring/Star Cast: Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg.

Call Me By Your Name Plot, Story, And Review

The relationship which this movie talks about is homosexuality. ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is a movie which is about the relationship of two boys where each and every emotion of theirs has been engulfed in a beautiful way. The film showcased the small trifles between both of them, whether it is anxiety, excitement, or the fear of losing each other.

The movie showed the rise of this relationship in a very minute and detailed way.  Call Me By Your Name story has got a backdrop of 1983 straight from North Italy which is filled with the beauty of nature all around.

In the midst of the greenery, there is a beautiful big house where Lives a 17-year-old intelligent boy called Elio whose father is a professor and mother is a translator and he loves to compose music and focus on his study. Things were flowing smoothly until Oliver, a student from America (professor student) flew to Italy regarding a project.

In the start, Elio faced little problems and jealousy sharing his house with him but later they fell in love, and got engaged even physically they shared the same relationship as two separate genders will behave when they are deep into love.  Sparing away the conclusion to avoid spoilers for the audience. Tune into Amazon Prime videos and witness whether this love gets a horizon or is left Midway somewhere.

Prime Video Call Me By Your Name Review 

Call Me By Your Name is a very progressive film in the age of homosexual cinema where each and every detail has been presented in very much your way in front of the audience.

The film has nowhere shown juggling and not really stretched without any reason and was all cool and calm around. A writer from Egypt, Andre Aliman wrote a book in 2007 and this movie has been based on the same novel including the name.

oscar winner Call me by your name homosexual movie
Oscar winner Call Me by your name homosexual movie

The title of the movie has come straight away from the intimate relationship which Elio and Oliver shared as they are often heard saying let’s call Each Other by each other’s name, let you be me in love and I will be you. The Italian director has delivered tremendous work through this movie and hats off for picking up this under-the-carpet plot which should not be underneath.

The screenplay of the movie has been written by James Ivory who has already given 50 years of his life to the cinema world. The actors in the movie are phenomenal. The climax of the movie will blow your Mind with its presentation and excellent production quality. It is sure to be on the list of films that should not be missed by you on Amazon Prime videos.

Call Me By Your Name
Call me by your name movie plot story imdb Call me by your name

Director: Luca Guadagnino

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