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‘Call him Eddy’, Review On An Impressive 2020 Short Film

Call him Eddy
call him eddy Call him Eddy

Director: Sanjeev Vig

Date Created: 2024-06-19 07:39

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The digital revolution in the world of OTT and platforms such as YouTube is a bigger changemaker for a variety of audiences. Movies or short films can be released on YouTube and can be streamed by the mass audience which also can act as a channel for entertainment as well as a medium of showcasing messages.

Review On ‘Call Him Eddy’, A Short Film Watch Free On YouTube

Large barrel select short films on YouTube are well known for choosing different concepts and creating a masterpiece out of it. ‘Call Him Eddy’ is also one of such different message based initiatives taken by its makers which engulf the ‘out of place’ plot for a generic world but it’s a ‘In place’ plot regarding which people do not openly talk but somewhere behind they know that it can be a great therapy for a grieving world.

Review on 'Call him Eddy', A short film by large barrel select
Review on ‘Call him Eddy’, A short film by large barrel select
Platform Youtube
Release Year 2020
IMDB 8.3/10
Featuring Sanjay Suri Esha Gupta

Call Him Eddy Plot And Story

The movie Call him Eddy starts in the voice of Sanjay Suri with the voice over regarding Oxytocin hormone which is released when a body comes and contact with another Suri says “we are so busy in our daily life that we forget the basic human touch.” All of these were narrated by him to a girl who came for his interview. Edit D’Souza(Eddy) is a professional Cuddler and Comforts people through cuddling. People who have lost their partners or parents or are suffering from a disease generally come to him for it and he calls it a therapy. He basically provides warmth and love to people  which they have not got since ages.

Call him Eddy: Plot And Story
Call him Eddy: Plot And Story

The interviewer had so many Obnoxious questions which generally can come in any person’s mind but Eddy replies all of them in a beautiful way. she ask “how someone can touch the other gender without even getting in a feeling to involved sexually? ” Eddy says it’s a therapy and it’s just that everyone acknowledges it and does not encourage but here we encourage that too.

The interviewer and Eddy are involved in a chain of conversation and eventually she plans to get involved in the therapy. She saw the picture of his wife and kid and asked, Where are they? Eddy replied she is taking care of our kid back at her place. They both went on a bed, Eddy tried to make her comfortable with the time she got into that comfort zone and broke down completely regarding her father who she lost years back and had not good terms with, Neither she got into his last rites. She cuddled Eddy even harder with tears rolling on and slept cuddling.

YouTube Short Film Call him Eddy Review
YouTube Short Film Call him Eddy Review

The next morning she woke up and said sorry for being asleep so long and then went back. The climax of the film totally set us back back and we saw Eddy going to the graveyard where his wife and kid were buried. Eddy was actually healing himself by cuddling others though.

YouTube Short Film Call him Eddy Review

Coming straight from the makers of Rogan Josh, Call him Eddy is also one of the greats to witness. With a completely different and real concept the plot is able to go directly to the heart of the viewers. Sanjay Suri is a legend himself and with his brilliant acting skills he never disappoints the audience a bit, Eisha gupta nowhere looks overshadowed by Sanjay suri and she is well able to establish her own individuality through the movie, she was entirely different all throughout.

Call him Eddy short film totally revolves around two people only but  nowhere it’s felt that there should be more characters or subplot involved or something is missing. The film is actually built on reality that with the passage of modernisation or time we are losing the human touch. People these days though being surrounded by many still feel alone and these days the same thing leads to suicides and depression as they are not able to share their actual feeling with anyone and nor there is someone to understand.

The screenplay of the movie is beautiful and looks great on screen. The dialogues have been kept simple yet effective. The short film is great to watch and is entirely worth watching.

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