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Bruno and Juliet 2018 Large Barrel is all about the love between animals

Imtiaz Ali who had a collaboration with large barrel short films for 3 movies and Bruno and Juliet is his first production of the three associations he had. The film Bruno And Juliet is a perfect example of the creative exploration of the makers where two lovers want to unite. In the movie lovers are dogs and the makers have curated this angle in a beautiful way that love only demands emotions and actions.

Bruno and Juliet: ‘An Imtiaz Ali Film’ Plot And Story

The movie Bruno And Juliet starts by featuring a group of dogs outside barking at each other at night and looking for something to eat. It was released on the YouTube channel Large Short Films on Thursday. “This is a conventional love story of characters that are unconventional lovers of cinema Dogs.

The next morning the sweeper came and knocked at one of the doors the owner came outside and when went back he fed his dog Bernard with the dog food and took him for a walk. Meanwhile, the street dog came behind him but he ignored it. On the way the man met one of his friends who was on a bicycle and handed over Bernard to him while they both were walking and playing on the street, Bernard took out his neck belt and ran away.

Bruno and Juliet: 'An Imtiaz Ali Film' Plot And Story

When his friend came back after the cycle ride he informed him that Bernard had run away in this direction and he went in search of his dog. Meanwhile, Bernard with the street dog went to an open space and was enjoying it with him but the owner came and took him there. The street dog again came behind and entered the premises where Bernard was there and they both played happily together while the owner kept on observing both of them.

The owner kept on observing both of the dogs running and how they were connected to each other. The next morning a truck from a municipal corporation came outside the house where Bernard lives to take the stray dog from there but Bernard came running to rescue his friend and he actually did it. The truck went back leaving the stray behind. The stray dog was now set free and Bernard ran behind him and showed his love and they both went together happily.

Bruno and Juliet YouTube Short Film Review

Animals are the most loved and sometimes most respected but neglected species. Imtiaz Ali has made an effort to execute a very hard full story with a very strong message.

Imtiaz Ali has portrayed the story of every street dog through Juliet and Bruno. One was a home dog and the other was a street one but both of them were very protective towards each other irrespective of different nourishment. The lives of the stray dogs are very tough and they hardly get anything to eat the whole day but still be Loyal to people or their clan.

YouTube Short Film Review
YouTube Short Film Review

Imtiaz Ali Bruno and Juliet must be one of the toughest to shoot and then curate on screen because it has all over being decorated by good background music and there was not a single dialogue yet the screenplay was brilliant and was able to convey as it wanted.

The way Bruno and Juliet (dogs) acted in the film was just phenomenal the innocence was exactly seen on their faces, that genuine concern was visible and the helplessness they felt by the actions of humans was all clear Overall it was great work by the team with an awesome concept and delivered a great ending carrying its silence emotion well.

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Bruno and Juliet
This movie of Large barrel is all about the love Bruno and Juliet,Imtiaz Ali

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