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Brotherhood Season 2 Released on Netflix Review, Cast, And More

Pedro Morelli’s Brotherhood TV series is a thriller. On Friday, October 25, 2019, Netflix released the series. The first season has eight episodes. We might as well wait for the same performers to return in the second season.

Brotherhood Season 2 Netflix Comes with A Blood Shot Thriller

Brotherhood Season 2 Netflix Series on ott
Brotherhood Season 2 Netflix Series 

Cristina Ferreira’s role is played by Naruna Costa, and Edson Ferreira will be played by Seu Jorge. Darlene’s role is played by Hermila Guedes, and Ivan’s role is played by Lee Taylor.

Brotherhood is a film set in the 1990s that follows Cristina, an honest and committed lawyer who discovers that her brother has been imprisoned for years and is the leader of an ascendant criminal faction. She is compelled to become an informant by the police and work against the brother she idolized as a child.

Cristina begins to doubt her own ideas about law and justice as she infiltrates the Brotherhood, and she comes into contact with a dark part of herself she didn’t realize she had.

Brotherhood Season 2, IMDB, Director, Star Cast, OTT Release Date, And Platform

OTT Release Date May 12, 2022
IMDB 7.7
Genre Crime, Thriller
OTT Platform Netflix India
Director Pedro Morelli
Cast Seu Jorge, Hermila Guedes, Bruce Wexler
Language English

Brotherhood is a film set in the mid-1990s that tells the narrative of Cristina (Naruna Costa), an upright and committed lawyer who learns that her estranged brother has been imprisoned and is the leader of a growing criminal faction.

She is coerced by the police into becoming an informant and working against her brother, whom she has always admired. However, as she gains access to the Brotherhood, she begins to question what is right and just.

In Season 2, after a successful scheme that put the Irmandade on every news coverage, Cristina will taste power for the first time. She will, however, have to live with the repercussions of her decisions and prove her loyalty to her brother, Edson (Seu Jorge), as he becomes more autocratic and violent.

Brazilian Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 2 Review

Brazilian Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 2 Review Series on ott
Brazilian Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 2 Review 

The series’ format was much improved by reducing it to six episodes. I said in my first season review that the show lacked punch, but it was mostly because the story felt like it was dragging. Brotherhood season 2 does not disappoint; the Brazilian Netflix series pulls no punches from the start, delivering an intriguing and gritty continuation.

Since the first season debuted on the streaming service in 2019, the situation remains unchanged. Cristina Ferreira (played by Naruna Costa), Edison’s lawyer and brother, is on the outskirts, undecided about her loyalties. Darlene (Hermila Guedes), Edison’s wife, on the other hand, wants to murder her because “rats are rats.”

Meanwhile, inside the prison, Edison (Seu Jorge), the head of a growing criminal party, is leading a new revolution, but a new warden has arrived, and he is far less lenient.

The Brotherhood likes playing with absolutes. Loyalty seemed to be everything in this series. Only one of the two sides is available for play. All of the characters are playing a brutal game of chess. The end result is terrible yet satisfying for the viewer, as the ongoing political and civil war against the system, which is raging within a decommissioned prison, provides enthralling entertainment. Brotherhood reminds me a lot of Who Killed Sara? another series with a lot of twists and turns that keep the excitement without becoming insane.

Season 2 of “Brotherhood” is a really fine drama that further cements this as one of Sweden’s better television shows, despite the pacing in the last two episodes being a touch wrong.

It boasts an excellent tale, excellent characters, excellent performances, excellent music, and excellent directing. Now for my final grade. *Ahem*. Season 2 of “Brotherhood” received an 8.90/10 from me. So, flaws and all, it’s absolutely worth seeing!

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