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Bollywood Comedy On MX Player- Top 10

Bollywood comedy on OTT is huge in numbers. OTT is one of the best entertainment platforms these days to stream your favorite shows, sit Bollywood comedy buff in your favorite corner, and enjoy with your favorite person. Can you recall laughing hysterically with your parents and siblings watching comic sequences by Babu Bhaiya from Phir Hera Pheri or the antics played by the four slackers in Dhamaal?

Bollywood Comedy You Just Cant Wait To Unfold

But the ending of every such film was on a positive note where all the chaos and pranks resulted in a happy and satisfied ending for the actors as well as the audience. The unique and twisting storylines framed by the writers in comedy movies are truly a treat of their imaginative caliber.

Comedy movies have always served the most important purpose to their viewers – laughter. Whether it be a long day of hectic work or a day where things have not gone according to expectations, a dose of a single comedy movie can change the mood from gloomy to a zealous one.


  • Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon
  • Behen Hogi Teri
  • Yeh Suhagraat Impossible
  • Gone Kesh
  • Hum do Humare do
  • Love Siyappa
  • Masti
  • Welcome To Karachi
  • Singh Is Bling
  • Khosla Ka Ghosla

List Of Bollywood Movies That Tickles Your Funny Bone

It is such a genre that never gets old due to its ever-growing demand and it is also coupled as a sub-genre with many other chief genres. A classic example of such a movie would be Priyadarshan’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Comedy keeps the viewers engaged and entertained by triggering the best of their emotions through their portrayals.

Here is this list of the top 10 comedy movies that have constantly rung the bells and will be ever remembered in the world of Bollywood comedy on MX player.

1.Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon (IMDb – 5.7)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Bollywood Comedy

This comedy movie directed by Abbas Mustan marks the acting debut of Indian comedian Kapil Sharma. It features him in a comedy role where he plays the husband of three wives after marrying each one of them accidentally to stop them from committing suicide. Besides, he also has a girlfriend, unaware of his marital life, whom he wants to marry.

Chaos unfolds as all three wives live in the same building in multiple flats and he has to undergo troublesome circumstances to ensure nothing is revealed to them. The story then becomes more funny and complicated as the marriage ceremony with his girlfriend comes closer.  You can expect the movie to be absolutely hilarious and have comic relief. The situations shown in the film are peculiar to daily life situations. The movie is one of the best Bollywood comedy on MX Player. You can watch it there for free.

2. Behen Hogi Teri (IMDb – 5.6)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Comedy Movies On OTT

This Rajkummar Rao starrer comedy shows a typical Indian neighborhood where an UPSC aspirant develops feelings for a girl staying in the same locality as his. Being nervous to confess, the guy keeps protracting his attempts to tell the girl about his feelings. There is a twist in the tale as the girl’s marriage is fixed with a family with criminal history and the boy has to face the inevitable with strength and determination if he wishes to win her hand in marriage.

Moreover, he also has to persuade his own parents and people living in the locality who think that they have a relationship of brother and sister. The plot develops and there is a lot of fun and banter, which would induce immense laughter in the audience. You can also expect the peculiar Indian mindset in certain situations and how funnily a sequence develops. The movie is available to watch for free in MX player.

3. Yeh Suhgraat Impossible (IMDb – 8.7)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Comedy Movies On OTT

As the title suggests the movie revolves around the happenings of marriage and the Suhaag Raat which became impossible. The movie’s content is not adult or bold but it is a brilliant dramedy to watch. The movie should be watched by couples who are always in a hurry to marry without proper consideration.

It portrays the typical Indian mindset of Indian couples and all the drama that happens from the beginning till the end of a relationship and marriage is shown. There are many ludicrous instances that were shown in the movie which would leave the viewers in splits. The movie has a unique lesson to young couples who are married and also to those who are willing to marry. You can enjoy this movie with your family as it is a family drama comedy. The movie is available for free in MX player.

4. Gone Kesh (IMDb – 7.0)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Bollywood Comedy

Gone Kesh is a movie about a girl who is afflicted with alopecia, a condition in which people lose hair from their scalp. Being an only daughter to middle-class parents, the main intention is to get her married. However, due to the condition of her hair, it becomes difficult to find a suitor. However, she wears a wig as a temporary solution but fears that her condition may be disclosed. The story also has a romantic angle, where her college friend who harbors feelings for her is unable to come out in front of her.

The title of the movie is suggestive of the hair condition of the girl. Her struggles, teachings and the lessons of life serve as a message for many people afflicted with this disease and lack of confidence. The humor content of the movie is shown by the filmy instances in the dialogue. You can get to enjoy this distinct motivational drama with its comic relief. The movie is available on MX Player.

5. Hum Do Hamare Do (IMDb – 6.2)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Bollywood Comedy Movies

This movie portrays a reverse concept of adoption. Usually, it is the parents who adopt a child in its infancy, but in this movie, it is the guy who tries to adopt a set of parents in order to present a family to win his lover’s hand in marriage. We are introduced to an orphan who has struggled and become successful in life. After meeting a girl at a corporate event, he develops a liking for her and wants to marry her.

However, things take a turn when he gets to know that her parents also have died in an unfortunate event in her childhood and she would like to marry someone with a happy family. This prompts him to search for a fake set of parents to convince her girl. It would be interesting for the audience to see what happens in the end as the broken marriage affects the boy badly. The movie is available to watch in MX player.

6. Love Siyappa (IMDb- 7.8)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Bollywood Comedy Movies On OTT

This movie is about a 36-year-old woman who stays with her young niece. When they decide to rent out their guest room, a struggling actor, who has financial problems, puts on the disguise of an older man and takes the room. Eventually, the woman develops feelings for him. As Shahab decides to reveal his true identity, a new character enters and there is a twist in the tale.

7. Masti (IMDb – 6.2)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Comedy Movies On OTT- Bollywood comedy

The film is about three bachelors who live a hedonistic life until they are married. After their marriage, they are discontented with their lives and decide to restart the fun and thrill by seducing other women. Chaos unfolds when they learn that they have all been following the same girl, who, now aware of their designs, blackmails them to expose their plans to their wives unless they bribe her.

8. Welcome to Karachi ( IMDB- 4.4) 

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Comedy Movies On OTT-Bollywood Comedy

Hindi movie stars Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani is a story of two friends who land up in Karachi and later get Kidnapped by the Taliban. They both search for a way to rescue in many interconnected situations which is exciting to see.

9. Singh is bling (IMDB-5)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Comedy Movies On OTT- Bollywood Comedy

The movie is made under the direction of Prabhu Deva and stars Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. This movie is a Hindi remake of a Korean movie My Wife is a Gangster and shows a story of a lazy youth Raftaar Singh who is an ignorant and not so-responsible person. Infuriated by this behaviour his father asks him to either marry or relocate to Goa and take on the responsibility of business. Raftaar Singh chooses to go to Goa for work and they fall in love with a girl Where many interconnected confusion happens, which is hilarious to watch.

10.Khosla ka Ghosla (IMDB- 8.3)

Bollywood Comedy You Cannot Miss- Top 10
Comedy Movies On OTT-Bollywood Comedy

Khosla ka Ghosla is a 2006 movie starring legendary cast Boman Irani, Anupam Kher Ranvir Shorey Parveen the Bus, and Tara Sharma, made under the direction of Dibakar Banerjee. The movie consists of a simple plot that is extremely relatable engulfing a common household in a big city who deals with a notorious land grabber. Kamal course Class property is confiscated by a thug called Khurana, the drama then unveils around it. The movie is perfect to watch and is highly recommended for a person of any age group and its touch is light and full of humour to watch.

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