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‘Bin Bulaaye’ MIAMI winner 2019 Best Short Film Review – Released on YouTube.

Bin Bulaaye
039Bin Bulaaye039 Short Film Review Released on Youtube Bin Bulaaye, short films, youtube

Director: Anshul Tiwari

Date Created: 2024-06-15 19:00

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let’s get into its review: ‘Bin Bulaaye’.

Large Barrels on YouTube always create something out of the box and the ‘Bin Bulaye’ short film is one such out-of-the-box creation.

'Bin Bulaaye' Short Film Review - Released on Youtube

Release platform YouTube (large barrel short film)
Runtime 20 minutes
IMDB 4.7/10
Genre Drama
Director Anshul Tiwari
Featuring Naseeruddin Shah, Ira Dubey, Arfi Lamba.

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The plot of the Short Film ‘Bin Bulaaye’:

A beautiful story that summarizes Desire and attachment in an exemplary way. Naseeruddin Shah is an actor whose voice is able to create an impact and the movie starts with the same whack with him reciting a poem in the background which moreover seems like someone’s own story.

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The movie starts with the maid cooking Puri and dum aloo which seems like the favorite breakfast of someone in the house. A girl came curious regarding Puri and Dam Aalu and said, wow!  Puri and dum aloo. The maid adds as it’s the first death anniversary of her father and so it is being cooked as it is his favorite meal.

Savita(the maid) seems well acquainted with the choice of both of them. Does she interrogate whether she cleaned his room and cupboard?  Then discusses how time flies and it’s already been a year since her father left but seems like he is somewhere around. She went around his room remembering her father and found the diary.

'Bin Bulaaye' Short Film Review - Released on Youtube

As she was having her dinner, she received a message which said “I want to see you” and the doorbell rang and Vikrant, her boyfriend came inside. she enquired him about Shelly and through which it was a clear indication that there was some problem going between both of them. Vikrant says that he is not in relation with Shelly and it was just a mistake that he kissed Shelly that night, as he was all drunk. He came here to convince about the same but she says they both cannot be together. Vikrant left.

She went back to her father’s room and read her father’s diary the next day as she came back from the office and was looking for a passport which She needed to send her maternal aunt the power cut and the passport went missing. she feels the presence of someone around but as the power came she found the passport back in place.

Meanwhile Shelly came to her house all guilty and they then had lunch. When she looked in the hot case the Poories were missing. She did think and did not go to the office the next day and inserted the camera in her kitchen to keep Savita in her notice and look at how Poories are missing every day.

She tells Savita not to come tomorrow as she is going out. She is shown to be sorted out with Vikrant and then comes back home she again sees that Puri is lost. She takes her phone out of the holder and checks the camera to see how Pooris lost. she sees something and the next day asks her maid to cook more, what if someone comes suddenly? At once we saw air coming through the window and the hot case opening which clearly indicates some paranormal activities. Her father’s soul comes inside the room and takes the Poori which he always liked to have.

Bin Bulaaye Short Films

Review of the Short film Bin Bulaaye:

YouTube’s large-barrel short film always engages its viewers with its quality, premium content, and plot with brilliant execution. ‘Bin Bulaaye’ is one such short film that beautifully portrays Desire and attachment in a single box. The film with its unexpected turn in the plot adds the exact new flavor that one needs. The poetry used in the short film in the voice of Naseeruddin Shah seems real and full of love and warmth.

Though Naseeruddin Shah is never seen in the movie due to the recitation of poetry it creates a huge impact and gives a deep meaning to the story and also makes Naseeruddin Shah an original part of the film who seems somewhere around the corner and makes it a wholesome.

Father is the biggest support system and the cord of the family and because the guardian not being present it irks a lot and creates an unseen vacuum around and this can clearly be felt after watching the movie. The screenplay and the production quality have been impactful. The dialogues are very good which clearly reflects the brilliant writing and gives the story meaning. Ira Dubey played her part really well and was perfectly able convinced by her role. overall Bin Bulaaye’s short film by the large barrel is definitely worth watching one which provides a different tone. The movie also won a MAMI award in 2019.

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