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Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime: Every time from 1999 to 2023

Thrillers movies are the kinds of movies that are everyone’s go to ones. People who cannot bear the rage of horror, rely on thrillers for having a change of genre. It simply switches your adrenaline rush and keeps you excited all throughout.

There are different varieties in thriller, such as psychological thrillers or best action thrillers movies on amazon prime in the list and OTT platforms bring you plenty of more such content. The viewers get to see heroes, villains, and even some of the supernatural creatures that will make you jump from your seats.

Thriller/Horror: Give Goosebumps Everytime from 1999 to 2023

So here is the list of Top 10 thriller movies or Upcoming OTT Releases Movies that will keep you excited head to toe and are chosen exclusively from Amazon Prime videos.

1. The Prestige (2006)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

The movie is at the top of the list of OTT platform because it is considered to be one of the best thriller mystery movies. In the present time, it shows that even some simple things can create a large confusion in minds.

Directed by Christopher Nolan (who also did The Dark Knight and Inception), the movie is about two magicians, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, in the 19th century, who are the biggest rivals of each other.

The movie is based on their fight to become the best and most famous by performing some unbelievable tricks. The movie is mind-blowing and should be seen by everyone.

2. Train to Busan (2016)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

The movie is about a city where the zombie apocalypse has already happened. Train to Busan is a best korean movies on amazon prime which is a horror movie and revitalizes the movies that were released in this genre.

Watch how a father who boards a train to Busan is unprepared to face the biggest threat in his life, which is blood-sucking zombies that are prevailing in the city. Will he be able to get out of there alive?

3. A Vigilante (2018 )

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

As the name suggests, the movie is not about gun- fighting , revenge based movies but rather it is a thriller which is much more somber and realistic which is very good to watch.  The movie on Amazon Prime features Olivia Wilde as a domestic abuse survivor who takes it upon herself to help others who are in the same situation.

The film is full of trauma which shows how people can go to the extent which makes them reach their goals. The film is not very easy to watch for some people.

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4. Lansky (2021)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

The film is a crime and thriller drama that follows Meyer Lansky, played by Harvey Keital, a crime lord who is nearing the end of his life. tried to track down his fortune by making him talk.

He starts to talk about something unusual about his life and weaves an intricate tale of his past and how he became so powerful at that time. The actor was perfect in his role as the crime lord and portrayed it perfectly.

5. A Perfect Enemy

Best action thrillers movies on amazon prime
Best action thrillers movies on amazon prime

A perfect enemy shows Jeremiassz August, an architect who is about to catch a flight to Paris but is unable to do it because he was interrupted by a girl, Texel Textor, who talks too much.

At first he thought that she normally talks like that, but later he discovers that her talking has meaning, which starts to show up when she makes a mistake. This one is a physical thriller, which shows that even small things can have a large impact on someone.

6. Casino Royale (2006)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

Casino Royale might be the best movie on the list, and why not? The movie is the newest addition to the most famous spy movie franchise, which is the James Bond movies.

The movie is about the gambling business, in which James Bond plays a special undercover agent who is on a mission to prevent a famous mob banker from winning a poker game that is very high-stakes. He is helped by many friends, but also by many hidden enemies who are waiting for him in the shadows.

7. Overlord (2018)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

The movie is set in the era of World War 2, in which a soldier named Boyce is sent as a part of a paratrooper team on the eve of D-day to destroy a radio tower behind enemy lines.

The plane was shot down and he was left alive with three more soldiers. They infiltrate the tower where Nazis are performing some of the horrific experiments. The movie is beyond some horror thing, which is about the creation of a new species.

8. You Were Never Really Here (2018)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

The movie features the new Joker, Joaquin Phoenix, in the main lead role in this violent and unusual thriller movie. This movie is about rescuing a young girl who gets traaped in a dark political web of human trafficking.

The movie involves some very odd visuals and also things that might be inappropriate for some audiences. This dark tone of the movie makes it an unpredictable movie and a go-to movie to watch.

9. Dead Fingers (1988)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

The movie is another addition. In the psychological drama, which is a thriller, The movie is directed by David Cronenberg, who is famous for his use of body horror.

The movie stars Jeremy Irons in dual roles as two identical gynecologists, one who is a very confident womanizer, while the other is a meek neurotic.

They play a dark sexual game on patients, which makes their lives very depriving. The movie is one of the best thrillers on this list.

10. The Lighthouse (2019)

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime
Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

The movie is another masterpiece which stars Willium Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in the lead roles. Try playing two isolated lighthouse keepers who are situated on an island. They face many difficulties, which creates tension among them and also creates a nightmare for them.

The movie is full of bizarre visuals and scenes that will make you shiver. The performances by both the actors are incredible, which makes it worth watching the movie on the list.

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