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Best Review of Heropanti 2: A disappointment for Tiger Shroff fans?

Heropanti 2 A disappointment for Tiger Shroff fans Heropanti 2

Director: Ahmed Khan

Date Created: 2024-05-22 13:22

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A detailed review of Tiger Shroff Heropanti 2.

Best Review of Heropanti 2: A disappointment for Tiger Shroff fans?

OTT Release date 27 May 2022
OTT platform Amazon Prime Video
IMDB 3.7/10
Runtime 2 h 25 min
Language Hindi
Director Ahmed Khan
Writer Sajid Nadiadwala
Cast Tiger Shroff, Nawazudin Siddiqui, Tara Sutaria.

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Heropanti was released back in 2014 and was a massive hit additionally it was also the debut movie of Tiger Shroff as well. The movie helped to emerge Tiger Shroff as a young and emerging talent with an athletic body, abs, and trippy moves. Tiger stood out from the crowd, appealed to his audience, and gained a huge fan following as well. Tiger Shroff was opposite Kriti Sanon in Heropanti and he is paired with Tara Sutaria in this one. After an 8 years break Heropanti 2 has been released but has it become successful in appealing to the audience in the same way as back in 2014? Let’s find out.

Plot Of the Tiger Shroff Heropanti 2.

Best Review of Heropanti 2: A disappointment for Tiger Shroff fans?

After being thrashed at the box office Heropanti 2 has made its release through Amazon Prime medium. The plot shows the story of Bablu (Tiger Shroff) who is the mastermind of the world of computers and because of this talent, he gets an opportunity to work with big criminals of Cyber crime-fraud. In the same way, he got engaged to work with Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who is a genius and a fraud in the Cybercrime industry. Laila is fond of makeup and nail polish but his sexuality has nowhere been discussed in the film he is definitely inclined towards the feminine gender intermittently. Babloo works for the government of India and Laila is a computer hacker.

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Bablu falls in love with Inayat (Tara Sutaria) who is the sister of Laila. The character of Bablu’s mother on the other hand is played by Amrita Singh while Bablu is working for Laila, Laila asks him to hack all the computers of every Bank in a single day so that he can get all the money of the account holders at once and show his power. So is Bablu Akka RJ successful in delivering the work that the evil mind of Laila has asked him to do? Tune into Amazon prime videos and find it out.

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Review of the Tiger Shroff Heropanti 2.

Heropanti 2 is the second release of the Heropanti franchise and probably with the worst direction,  plot, acting, and screenplay it could be the last one too. The story is written by Sajid Nadiadwala who was the writer of Housefull, Housefull 2, and Lal Bhaari but definitely, this movie was very badly written and was not able to even establish its character properly. Routine elements have been showcased like romance love action but inspired by adding all these flavors the movie has nothing to deliver new and fresh.

The screenplay has been written by Rajat Arora and Jagdish Sharma but the screenplay seems very sleek as the plot oscillates between past and present but the thread between both times is not at all appropriately shown. Being loaded with every ingredient of a commercial fair, the film Tiger Shroff is not able to leave its impression somewhere around.

Dialogue seems good at places, Tiger Shroff has worked balanced in the movie as Bablu and has definitely looked messy, classy, and handsome but it’s high time for Tiger to showcase his acting skill as well and take performance-oriented roles as his dancing skill and action skill has already been seen much by his fans and it will be a slight disappointment for them if he doesn’t opt for performance now. Tara Sutaria looked good on screen but her performance was average and had nothing to shout out. Henceforth if you are a fan of Tiger shroff massy’s performance do watch it and if you are aspiring to watch good acting Spare yourself from this one.

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