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Looking For The Gem Of Movies which is Best of all times movies

Best of all times movies: While internet popularity is fleeting, OTT platforms have made an immense place all around and present you excellent movies at your doorstep. nudge your memory about a movie, show, or person on tip of your tongue or binge information about movies and shows you love.

In the case of IMDB, there are top-rated movies that linger and come to the top of the class and become internet favorite movies of all time. Here is the list of the top 10 movies which are best rated on Amazon Prime Videos to stream now.

Find the List –  Best of all times movies below

1. Interstellar(2014) IMDB- 8.6/10

Best of all times movies
Best of all times movies

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Interstellar; A Science fiction masterpiece by Christopher Nolan, one of the most palpitating action elevated at the snowy fortress, depicts the most personal aspect about the love of father and their daughters.

The movie revolves around “Love across dimension” and takes on a journey across the universe proving that something  that connects dimension with each other is ‘love’, where a team of explorers travel beyond this Galaxy through a newly discovered wormhole to discover whether mankind has a future among stars. Interstellars is one of the best rated science fiction movies available on Amazon Prime Videos.

2. Skyfall (2012) IMDB- 7.8/10

Best of all times movies
Best of all times movies

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Skyfall is Daniel Craig’s third excursion as James Bond and 23rd in the James Bond series. The concept of the movie is entirely different  from regular Bond movies. The story centers on Bond investigating an attack on MI6 that leads to a wider plot by former agent Raoul silva to kill Judi Dench as revenge for abandoning him.

The star cast includes Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph fiennes, Naomie, Albert finney, Judy Dench as lead. Skyfall marks a vital instant in James Bond convention. Daniel Craig becomes the best James Bond ever and in which a esteemed character celebrating its 50th anniversary once again becomes an original and the film’s brief epilogue is wonderful.

3. Inception(2010) IMDB- 8.8/10

Best of all times movies
Best of all times movies

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Science fiction action movie which is an excellent Masterpiece of Christopher Nolan, featuring Leonardo Di Caprio is a revolutionary rip-roaring movie with a great concept and execution. The plot of the movie is Cerebral but sideways and can be followed easily. Leonardo can be seen playing the role of a Thief who shop lifts the secret of the corporate sector by infiltrating their dreams, Leonardo(Dom Cobb)  Is hired by a shifty Japanese businessman in order to perform Inception:

where you invite someone else’s mind to root your own Idea and concept. Hence the entire movie serves a dreamy texture. The movie takes you on a thrilling ride and leaves an impact on your mind to wonder about the end of the plot, as the ending of this movie is subjective. Inception is available on Amazon OTT to stream and is one of the best in the list of must watch.

4.The Dark knight(2008)  IMDB- 9/10

Best of all times movies
Best of all times movies

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The concepts of superhero characters do have gone through to a massive change but ultimately this movie remains one of the best ever made. The star cast of the movie is excellent and the movie is not centered around one person as the regular pattern is generally set for superhero characters, these characters support the integral story of the movie and play active roles.

The Gray Man (2022) the Best Netflix Action Film Yet

Aura of Batman which is depicted through the movie is of fear and he keeps a tight hold on crime in Gotham City. The movie shows a balance of heroism and apprehension and has been excellently praised on various platforms which makes it worth watching. Every person who is a fan of Superheroes should definitely go and watch this movie right away.

5. Casino Royale 7 ( 2006)  IMDB – 8/10

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The cinematography in Casino Royale, stunt, effects, scenery are all incredible. The movie begins in a black and white sequence in the city of Prague, with a sharp script and a great direction. Bond villain, Bond girl and the advent of Daniel Craig; Casino Royale is one of the greatest Bond films featured till date.

Cast and crew encompasses Daniel Craig(James Bond), Eva Green, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Mads Mikkelsen, Giancarlo giannini. The movie has its base from the first 007 novel. James Bond here baffles a dangerous Russian spy who is funding a global terrorist from winning a poker game worth Millions.

The British secret service agent James Bond heads to Madagascar to uncover the link to Le chiffre who finances the terrorist organization. Bond’s depiction of character in this film makes it more appealing and relatable. This movie can be called as one of the best Bond in the franchise and overall a masterpiece in the world of cinema and a great epic of the 21st century.

6. It’s a wonderful life(1946) IMDB- 8.6/10

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Yes, you read the year right. The movie was released in 1946 and is one of the best movies in the category of American classics.

It is also a holiday classic which can be binge watched. The movie was made post world war when the country suffered huge loss in terms of wealth and life. This movie was therefore an attempt by the makers and talks about the Homecoming of the soldiers from the war and the sacrifices they made for the nation to make the country a better place to live.

The movie holds plenty of emotion and encompasses a message with a jar hope of a wonderful life ahead. Through the character of John Bailey the makers have  portrayed the plot, Bailey was very passive in his life and never seemed happy. A  Guardian Angel named Clarence is sent to the earth to grant the wishes of Bailey come true and who shows Bailey how life would have turned out if he had never been born.

7. One night in Miami(2021)IMDB- 7.1/10

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One night in Miami is a dramatic movie full of memorable performances and with strong arguments. Made under the direction of Regina king, starring Kings ley, Ben Adir, eli croree, aldis hodge, leslie odom.

Based on the 2013 stage play of the same name. The movies all about an unbelievable night where a discussion between the person takes place upon their participation in 60 is upheaval. The unity and the Clash of public and private life is well depicted in the movie. And has made A Remarkable place in the list of top content on the OTT platform.

8. Train to Busan(2016)IMDB- 7.6/10

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Train to Bhushan is a Korean story made under the direction of Yeon sang ho, with a runtime of 118 minutes. This movie is also in the list of 50 best zombie movies. The movie has several action elements where zombies play a predominant part and drive the whole movie.

Whereas the Zombie virus breaks in South Korea, the passengers present in the train going from Seoul to South Korea struggle and try to protect themselves. If you are a great fan of Zombie movies this movie should definitely come into your watch bucket list.

9. The big sick(2017)IMDB- 7.5

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Romantic comedy movie, made under the direction of Michael Showalter and stars kumail nanjiani, zoe kazan, holly Hunter as lead and has a run time of 120 minutes. Movies based on a real life love story and is then executed in the movie.

Kamal, who is a Pakistani comic , happens to meet an American girl named Emily at one of his shows. As their relationship grows with time Komal begins to worry about his conservative parents and what they will think about their relationship.

And with the passage of time the plot develops for the kumail starts developing a bond with Emily’s parents as well. The story e is interesting to see as the blot develops and keeps the audience intact with the screen.

10. Sound of metal (2020) IMDB- 7.8/10

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Movie based on a dramatic sequence directed by Darius Marder and stars Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci, and Lauren ridloff. Metal drummer Ruben begins to lose his hearing power when the doctor suggests to him that the situation could be worse. His life turns upside down by imagining a future filled with silence.

Ruben eventually finds stillness in Silence and accepts him as a deaf man. The movie depicts an exact balance between being able to hear and not being able to listen. A movie with an excellent watch and a great and commendable theme.

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