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Best Indian Hindi Webseries to Watch Online On All OTT

Seeking for a Best Indian Hindi webseries on OTT, Amazon Prime? Hopefully, here is the list you are looking for. Amazon Prime Video(OTT) has an amazing library of Indian original web series and movies. That is why it is one of the biggest competitors of OTT Netflix in India when it comes to providing original content to Indians. So here are some of the best Amazon original web series that you can binge-watch with anyone around you. 

List of Best Indian Hindi WebSeries To Watch 

The Hindi industry is not less in curating content than the other contemporaries. The OTT platforms are rising in every way in terms of Hindi web series as well with actors and directors giving their best performances.

The actors who are acclaimed and seasoned are getting all the desired screen space in the digital arena. Sushmita Sen and Madhuri Dixit are the two 90s and 2000 Bollywood superstars who started taking lesser acting projects but are quite active on the digital medium and the same goes with filmmakers as well. Guns and Gulaab, Scoop, Scam, Aarya, Fame Game, Mirzapur, Trial By Fire, and CAT are some of the Best Indian Hindi web series that justify the same.

1. Panchayat

Best Indian Hindi webseries

The first web series on the list is Panchayat, a light-hearted drama featuring Jeetu Bhaiyya from Kota Factory. The series revolves around an engineering graduate, Abhishek, who gets a government job in a small village panchayat as a secretary. He faces many difficulties in the job, but he has to continue with it since he has no other option. He is helped by villagers, but most of the time, they create trouble for him. Watch his journey as he does his job while also preparing for the MBA entrance exam. Panchayat is in our Top recommendation among the Best Indian Hindi web series To Watch in 2022.

2. Made in Heaven

Best Indian Hindi Webseries
Best Indian Hindi Web series Made In Heaven

India is famous for its big fat Indian weddings, which can be seen only in India. However, planning these large weddings can be stressful for everyone at times. Made in Heaven web series follows the lives of two wedding planners as they attempt to break into the Indian wedding market. India is a perfect blend of old and new things. This is one of the brilliant displays of the bride and groom. The closed ones are when they arrive on that day and many issues which are faced by them. The storytelling and characters make this web series worth watching.

3. Breathe Into the Shadows

Breathe Into the shadows Best Indian Hindi Webseries
Breathe Into the Shadows Best Indian Hindi Webseries

Breathe into the Shadows features the all-time famous actor R. Madhavan for the first time in a Web series. The plot of the book is a crime thriller, which is absolutely amazing. The web series shows how far a man can go to save his loved ones. He is on the hunt to find a donor for his son, who is ill. He becomes a criminal in the process and gets hunted by a very special and intelligent cop, played by Amit Sadh. The show also has a second season, which is equally as great as the first one.

4. InsideEdge

Best Indian Hindi webseriesInside Edge is a series that shows the uncovered things that happen behind the scenes of the big premier leagues like IPL in India. The web series features glamor, fame, money, and also a crime that happens in the cricketing world. This focuses on the lives of players of the Mumbai Mavericks, who are playing in the Power Play League.

The match scenes, the decisions that are made, and the team owners can cross any limit to make their team win. The show features Vivek Oberoi, who played a superb role in the series. Unfold this web series on Amazon Prime. Inside Edge is in our Top recommendations among the Best Indian Hindi web series if you are a big-time cricket lover.

5. The Forgotten Army

The Forgotten Army Best Indian Hindi Webseries
The Forgotten Army Best Indian Hindi Webseries

The Forgotten Army takes place against the backdrop of India’s fight for independence from the British. This web series brings you the sacrifices that the soldiers made and how they marched toward the Indian Capital in search of the freedom that they all wanted for their Indian citizens so that they could live freely. The web series focused on the valiant Indian National Army heroes and brought us the tale of them, which was forgotten in time. Some scenes exactly depict the battle scenes as they are. The battle army, which is what it is called, is very impressive. The Forgotten Army is one of the best exclusives among the Best Indian Hindi web series.

6. The Family Man

The Family Man  Best Indian Hindi Webseries
The Family Man Best Indian Hindi Webseries

The Family Man is my personal favorite on the list, It shows the life of a married man, Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee), who works as a government officer but, in reality, is a secret agent in the National Intelligence Agency, who is responsible for surveying and protecting the lives of the people of Mumbai against terrorist attacks. He behaves like a common man in front of everyone, but in reality, he is a badass man with a fast brain.

Along with his team, he tries to protect the citizens and be ahead of the terrorists in the city, who are dwelling freely and also struggling with their personal lives, with his independent wife and teenage daughter. The Family Man is one of the best exclusives of Amazon Prime Video and is recommended in Our Category of the Best Indian Hindi web series.

7. Lakhon Me Ek

Lakhon Me ek Best Indian Hindi Webseries
Lakhon Me ek Best Indian Hindi Webseries

This web series is written by famous comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath and focuses on the lives of Indian students as they struggle to cope with the parental pressure they are facing and which profession they should opt for. The show features the life of a student who wants to become an online content creator but faces much resistance from his father, who wants him to study and crack the IIT to pursue engineering.

He was sent to Vishakhapatnam to get coaching for the IIT. In the second season, we get to see a doctor who is posted in a cataract camp in a small village. She exposes many feuds happening in government hospitals and also spreads awareness. Lakhon Me Ek is among our Top recommendations for the Best Indian Hindi web series To Watch in 2022 and is a desirable series for the youth.

8. Four More Shots Please

Four More Shots Please  Best Indian Hindi Webseries
Four More Shots Please Best Indian Hindi Webseries

Four More Shots is a women-centric show that focuses on the lives of four women who are free in their own world and don’t care what society thinks. The four women regularly meet at the club to discuss whatever is happening in their lives such that they can feel free after telling someone. The episodes are beautifully crafted and tell you the journey of four women as they deal with everyday problems. Four More Shots Please is our Top recommendation among the Best Indian Hindi web series To Watch in 2022 which will take you through different emotional rides of adulting.

9. Hostel Daze

Hostel Daze   Best Indian Hindi Webseries
Hostel Daze Best Indian Hindi Webseries

Hostel Daze is an amazing concept show that is based on the lives of college students as it shows their hostel lives to the full extent. Set in an engineering college, students from various backgrounds come together to share their lives. The show is about three students who face difficulties in their lives in college. The college assignments are bullied by college bullies and other things they face in the hostel corridors. Hostel Daze is in our Top recommendation among the Best Indian Hindi webseries To Watch in 2022 which will take you back to your Hostel Days.

10. Afsos

Afsos Best Indian Hindi Webseries
Afsos Best Indian Hindi Webseries

Afsos is an amazing dark, grappling, and reflective comedy web series that focuses on Indian scenarios. The story is about Nakul, who is not happy and is struggling with his daily life and also with being an author in Mumbai. He wants to commit suicide but fails every time miserably. He is on a quest to find inner happiness, but he also has conflicts to deal with. Watch the show to find out whether he will be able to find real happiness in a world full of grief.

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