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Best Hollywood Suspense Thrillers Movies On Sony Liv That Are Worth Watching

Hollywood Suspense thrillers Movies, Sony Liv is a big name in India when it comes to OTT service providers. We have binge-watched nearly every decent show on major streaming platforms thanks to the lockdown. SonyLIV, on the other hand, has been producing some excellent material on its platform.

Top 10 Hollywood Suspense Thrillers Movies on Sony Liv

Suspense thriller movies are one of the best genres to explore and it’s one of those niches that you don’t need to think about before binging on. Hollywood suspense thrillers have always been an inspiration for all the entertainment contemporaries as foreign films have always mastered this gem of creations.

Based on the best IMDB ratings. Christopher Nolan is one of the best suspense thriller directors present in the Hollywood industry. Hence, If you looking for the best Hollywood suspense thriller that will grin and grind your watch lust, the below list will suffice your binge time.

1- The Girl On The Train

IMDB- 6.5

The Girl On The Train Hollywood Suspense thriller Movie on Sony liv
The Girl On The Train Hollywood Suspense thriller Movie on Sony liv

Tate Taylor’s adaptation of the best-selling Paula Hawkins novel ‘The Girl on the Train’ stars Emily Blunt as an alcoholic who becomes hung up with an original murder case. As a film, however, it’s not even that. It’s just a flat and suspense-free tale of proper people in danger.

Not only is the whodunit part of the film not all that surprising, neither are the characters swirling around each other until that big disclosure comes to light. Tale Tylor blandly directs, which condenses these three women into a handful of traits rather than allowing them to be delicate and absorbing. This movie is available on Sonyliv for binge-watching.

2- Captain Phillips 

IMDB- 7.8

Captain Phillips  Hollywood Suspense thriller movie On Sony Liv
Captain Phillips  Hollywood Suspense thriller movie On Sony Liv

However, this gripping nail-biter set on the high seas will make you feel the same way, If Gravity made you feel restricted in space. The picture is a classic Paul Greengrass thriller, with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. It challenges you to figure out the ramifications of felonious conduct that takes place onscreen. Hollywood suspense thriller is available on Sony Liv.

3- Bridges of Spies

IMDB- 7.6

Bridges of Spies watch on sony liv
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

Steven Spielberg’s “ Bridge of Spies” opens with a shot of a man looking in a mirror as he paints a nearly self-definition. The man is shot from the back. We aren’t really seeing “ him.” We’re looking at two reflections, one in glass and one in watercolors. The trueness is in the middle.

This duality of perception vs. reality and, finally, the conception of those three triangular points of interest ( reflection, man, painting) — which look analogous but aren’t like — will resurface. It’s one of the best movies of all time.

4- Inferno

IMDB- 6.2

Hollywood Suspense thrillers
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

The cinematic adaptation of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel ( Inferno) is not relatively a page-turner, but it manages to keep your attention and draw you into the story. For the third time, Tom Hanks plays Langdon, and he brings his inborn likeability to the character.

He is Jason Bourne without the artillery, bikes, or fistfights. The standard mystery-breaking race and chase portions are given new life by some major plot twists. A must-watch On Sony Liv.

5- Adventure of Tintin

IMDB- 7.3

Hollywood Suspense thrillers
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

Perhaps Steven Spielberg figured he’d got this more or less covered for his lustrous and weirdly formless new movie about the brave blond-quaffed boy pressman Tintin. The adventure was a bit of fun.

TinTin endears himself to South American tyrants. His friend, Captain Haddock, is a comic character with a low boiling point. Then there’s Processor Calculus and miscellaneous other characters that populate the books and keep the plot moving at a fast pace. Although it was vibrant, it was pure audacity to watch.

6- Secret In Their Eyes

IMDB- 8.2

Hollywood Suspense thrillers
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

“The Secret in Their Eyes” was a hit internationally, sweeping Argentina’s top film prizes and nabbing the Oscar for best foreign-language film. The film’s director is Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Mr. Ejiofor goes for broke in an extreme performance that depicts his character as an avoidance-of-control, boiling-at-the-mouth vigilante. The whole suspense story will keep you centering on the story, one into Sony Liv for this movie.

7- The House With A Clock In Its Wall


Hollywood Suspense thrillers
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

The book is a charmingly vintage, deeply creepy supernatural secret about grief, magic, and calamity. The movie account is a screeching CGI carnival full of poop jokes and barfing pumpkins.

Film is an eloquent medium — at least as flexible as books are, in terms of the capability for variety and nuance. As the name suggests, movies are mysterious in all their ways.

8- Dark Waters

IMDB- 7.6

Hollywood Suspense thrillers
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

The movie form I’m referring to is one we all know in our bones. It was launched in the late ’60s and ’70s. Yet “Dark Waters,” in its astoundingly real and intricately crafted way, restores some of the original shock and amazement to the journalistic class of The Conspiracies Around Us That Are Truly befalling. Suspicious at its best, tune in to Sony Liv for this amazing experience.

9- Men In Black II

IMDB- 6.1

Hollywood Suspense thrillers
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

Some conclusions continue a story. Others repeat it.” Men in Black II” creates a new trouble for the MIB, but recycles the same premise, which is that humanity can conquer an alien irruption by assigning agents in Ray-Bans to shoot them into goo.

This is a movie that addicts of the original might enjoy in an extended manner of way, but there’s no need for it– except, of course, to take another haul at the box office, where the 1997 movie grossed nearly 600$ million.

The aliens are here to capture something, I am not sure what, that will allow them to destroy the Earth. Amazing Story is available on Sony Liv.

10- A Few Good Men

IMDB- 7.7

Hollywood Suspense thrillers
Hollywood Suspense thrillers

The critically accredited 1992 film A Few Good Men still remains a cult classic. The film narrates the story of a Marine hazing gone crazy which leaves an innocent man dead. The cast list of this legal drama has actors like Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore. If you’re a Hollywood movie addict you must have watched this film.

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