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BARRY SEASON 3, A Fabulous Tragic Movie on Hotstar

BARRY SEASON 3 show is about a man who was a marine but ended up becoming a hitman, and he is also a wannabe actor. Barry starts by showing us a man living his life knowing that he has to continue this business of murdering people even though it no longer simulates him. He wants to become an actor and have a normal life, too, but this is almost an impossible task for Barry.

Release on OTT 24th May 2022
Genre Thriller, Crime, Drama, Tragic Comedy, Dark comedy, crime fiction
IMDB 8.3
Writers And Directors Bill Hader and Alec Berg.
Starring Sarah Goldberg, Stephen Root, Bill Hader, Henry Wrinkler
OTT Platform Hotstar

BARRY Season  3 Plot

Even though Barry became a hitman out of choice, he no longer wants to follow that path; however, a career change is very difficult as his career choices are severely limited. He is killing only because he can’t leave it. Most people around him fail to understand why Barry wants to have a purposeful and fulfilled life like all of us, but he is not. His life is immensely different from ours. Barry goes on a killing a depressive funk, completely intoxicated and indifferent. When he tries to pursue acting, he realizes that it’s a business. Teachers try and make acting sound very “difficult” so that they can earn off of impressionable students.

BARRY SEASON 3 plot series on ott
BARRY SEASON 3 plot series on Ott

Barry Season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger and Season 3 begins after 3 years when Barry has given up on his life as a hitman. Barry’s boss betrays him, which puts him in danger. By season 3, Barry massacred most of his colleagues, friends, and other people. He is trying to manage his new love interest, be honest with her, and hide his hitman life.

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As Barry makes new advances in his life, Sally, who is Barry’s girlfriend, finally leaves her abusive husband and gets the chance to write, direct, star, and produce her show. She embraces this new opportunity with a whole heart. Still, as she progresses, she has to face the tricky politics and obstacles of the entertainment business. As much as the audience and Barry want the hitman’s life to end, it probably never will. The acting provides an escape from all of this.

Hotstar BARRY Season 3 Review

BARRY SEASON 3 watch online hotstar
BARRY SEASON 3 Watch online Hotstar

Barry is a witty, dark, humorous, and very gripping and violent show. Even though in season 3, the Violence is said to be much less because Barry will try and earn forgiveness in this season, in truth, Violence has become a part of this show.

The first episode of Barry starts by addressing the undeniable and very important question, as it begins with Barry being depressed, and his eyes are blood red. The first episode of BARRY SEASON 3 does not disappoint its viewers. It is as funny and intriguing as it was in the previous seasons.

The show is at its best when Barry goes through a moral wringer, the showrunners have used Violence to make jokes, and they manage to create humor in something as gruesome and sad as murder and death. Here is where their writing of Barry shines through and makes sure that this show has such a unique voice. The setup, which is an ‘ex-hitman decides to pursue his love for acting’, is a solid foundation for a lot of dark humor and some very difficult situations.

BARRY SEASON 3 review series on ott
BARRY SEASON 3 review series on Ott

The best jokes come out when he is in the acting class, trying to be this normal person and treading the line where he is vulnerable but not too vulnerable to reveal the truth. As the show progressed, we saw in BARRY SEASON 3, episode 1 that his performance acumen had grown too, but that is not sufficient for him to bridge the gap the show deals with morality in a unique way which is exactly what makes this show so much more special and better. It does not glorify murder but also makes us sympathetic towards a hitman. It makes us root for him, which is a very big feat.

Another great thing about this show is the stellar performance, especially by the main character. Bill Harder’s ability to be ruthless in one scene and show a boy-like vulnerability in the next makes us root for the character so much. In addition, his comic timing, dead-pan face, and emotional opacity are literal show-stealers.


BARRY SEASON 3 show is doing extremely well with the audience. The first episode of the third season received a lot of appreciation, adoration, and love from its viewers. The fourth season is already written, too, which means there is at least a lot for a fan to feast on in the foreseeable future.

Barry Season 3
BARRY SEASON 3 tv series on hotstar BARRY SEASON 3

Director: Bill Hader

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