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Asur Web series Season 2, Review, Episodes Download

Asur Web series season 2 is currently streaming on JioCinema. The much-awaited India’s biggest crime thriller Web series has returned finally with season 2 and the Asur fans can’t keep calm. But is season 2 successful in keeping the legacy of the prior season? Let’s check out in Asur 2 Review. 


  • Asur 2 release date is 01 June 2023.
  • Asur 2 ott platform is Jiocinema though the season 1 streamed on Voot select. 
  • Asur 2 cast includes Vishesh Bansal, Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi, Riddhi Dogra and Anupriya Goenka in major roles. 
  • Asur 2 IMDB is 8.4
  • Asur 2 download can be done on the Jio cinema app to watch offline. 
  • You may watch Asur 2 for free on Jio Cinema with any subscription. 

Asur Web series Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Episodes

Asur Web series Season 2, Review, Episodes Download
Asur 2 Cast
Watch Online
TitleAsur 2
OTT platformJioCinema
CastVishesh Bansal, Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi, Riddhi Dogra and Anupriya Goenka
Runtime34-63 minutes

Asur 2 release date was announced a week before which came as a surprise for the audience as it was kept very low-key with no pomp and show later to that. This year the Asur 2 ott is JioCinema and the series is streaming for free in Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Marathi, and several other regional languages. 

Asur 2 Download: Watch Online on JioCinema

Asur Web series Season 2
Asur Web series Season 2

Asur 2 download can be made on JioCinema app as well. Though the series is streaming completely free but in case you want to binge it offline just tap on the download option present at the right bottom and enjoy the episodes without any buffer. 

Asur 2 Review, Story, Script Analysis

Asur Web series Season 2, Review, Episodes Download
Asur 2 review

Asur 2 is one of the best Web series of India that is based on Mythological events and connect the dots of the incidents taking place with mythological equations. Asur Web series Season 2 is back after a 3 years of long wait but the thrill and excitement of the audience as soon as the trailer was dropped could be sensed. Let’s quickly get onto Asur 2 review and analyse the script and story. 

The story of Asur 2 starts from the point it left the story in Season 1. Hence, if you have not watched Asur Season 1 it will be really tough to understand the events and cycles happening in this season. Who is Shubh(Vishesh Bansal)? What his goal is? Why Shubh wants to destroy the world? Will inspector Dhananjay(Arshad Warsi) be able to know about Shubh? 

Hence keeping Asur 2 spoiler free review, Series on ott spares you from the actual story, do check out the story on JioCinema as the series is available completely free. 

Season 2 of Asur has total 8 episodes and the length varies from 30 minutes to an hour. The final episode is of 1.05 hr. The story has been kept complex as it was and the layer-to-layer story is proves to be a mass entertainer. Asur 2 is a highly engaging and top-class show for sure keeping the thrill alive. The character is evolved as per the story and the complicated situations going on make you involved as an audience too. 

The story behind Shubh being an Asur is very much powerful to witness, you may surely feel the darkness around you as well. The cyber war, and artificial intelligence are scary to a level and this mythological series has got a touch of these subplots as well that how much dangerous a breach of data can be. The entire Asur 2 crew was definitely invested in the show as the end results are just insane. 

The addition and connection of mythology and the comparison of Kali and Kalki are so clear that the series is successful in giving out the message. Asur web series season 2 is a must-watch series and has again proved that it is one of the best Web series of India. 


Asur 2 Review: Asur Web series season 2 is a perfect example of how the essence of season 1 can be kept in the next season as well respecting the zeal of the audience. This is quite rare to find as usually when a series turns out to be a blockbuster season 2  is only made to push the story a little to entact and come up with season 3. This is not the case with Asur Web series season 2, the master class story, acting, execution and direction add their own flavour delivering a masterpiece yet again for the audience. 

1. How many episodes are there in Asur 2? 

asur 2 total no of episodes vary in length from 33-60 minutes and season 2 has a total of 8 episodes. Asur 2 on JioCinema is streaming completely free. 

2. What is the Asur 2 release date? 

Asur 2 is streaming on JioCinema from June 0, 2023. India’s Best Web series Asur 2 has a cult fan following and also carries one of the best performance of Arshad Warsi. 

3. How is asur season 2 review on Twitter? 

Asur 2 Twitter review: netizens are content after they got the update on the Asur 2 release date. Asur Web series season 2 is getting a good response from Twitter as well. The thrill and suspense with brilliant execution is a point of praise for the makers of Asur on Twitter. 

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