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Asur Season 3: A Mythological Series on ott yet again 

Asur season 3 making has started and the same has been confirmed by the makers on Twitter today. India’s biggest mythological web series is currently basking in success after the release of Asur Season 2. 

Web seriesAsur 
Release date01 June 2023
CastArshad Warsi, Varun sobati,  Riddhi Dogra and Vishesh Bansal


  • Asur season 3 will be a 2024 release as per the updates coming in. 
  • Asur 3 cast will be the same as in Asur Season 2.
  • Asur Web series has 2 seasons. 
  • The total episodes of Asur is 16 combining both seasons. 

Asur Season 3: Shubh Will Be Back? 

Asur Season 3: A mythological Series on ott yet again 
Asur Season 3 cast

Asur Season 3 is a much-awaited series after Season 2 got released. The actors and the makers are currently basking in the success. 

After Shubh(Vishesh Bansal) challenges Anant (god of humans) to have a debate as he believes that Anant is created by Dhananjay (Arshad Warsi). The debate goes long but as it reaches the end  Shubh sends a parcel for Anant which is actually remote. Shubh gives an option that if you are a god in real then press the blue button and save the person who believes in God and vice versa. 

Season 2 ended on the same note and undoubtedly the series is a blast to watch. Will shubh be back in the third season as well? Will his soul take the body of the other? All these answers will be a part of Season 3.

Arshad Warsi Web series 

Asur Season 3: A mythological Series on ott yet again 
Asur Season 3 release date

Arshad Warsi’s performance in Asur web series is considered one of the most remarkable role of the actor. Asur has no famous characterization. Barun Sobti and Riddhi dogra are from Television world.

The character of Arshad Warsi as Inspector D.J. is loved by the audience. The audience is able to connect emotionally with each of the characters whether it’s about the subplot or the main plot. We are all set to witness Asur 3 after two masterpiece seasons. 

Asur Season 3

Asur Season 3: A mythological Series on ott yet again 
Asur Season 3 ott release date

Asur season 3 will also be released on Jiocinema as the rights have been bought by Jio. Earlier the first season was dropped on Voot but now the two seasons have been made available for free on Jiocinema. Series on ott has already covered the Asur season 2 review in case you want to have a look. 

1. Will there be Asur Season 3? 

Asur season 2 has been released on jiocinema and is receiving much praise and now season 3 has been hinted by the makers on Twitter posting an update and that is a clear hint of the making of Asur. 

2. Who is Asur 3 Cast? 

Asur 3 Cast includes Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, Anupriya Goenka, Ridhi Dogra, Sharib Hashmi. Vishesh Bansal might be replaced in the next season. The characters will reprise their role. Asur 3 is already in wait and season 2 is a huge hit. 

3. Is Asur Season 3 Trailer released? 

The trailer of Asur 3 is not yet available, Season 2 trailer although is available on YouTube, and season 1 and 2 is currently streaming on Jiocinema.

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