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Asur 2 Release Date, Trailer: An awaited OTT Series to watch

India’s biggest Mythological Web series Asur Season 2 update has finally been dropped. The makers have released Asur 2 first look by dropping the 1:55 second teaser that carries Asur 2 Release date. 


  • Asur 2 release date is one of the most awaited news for all the Asur Fans. 
  • The Web series is all set to release on Jio Cinema on June 1.
  • Asur 2 Trailer is currently streaming on the official Jiocinema channel on youtube. 
  • Asur season 2 full episodes in Hindi will be streaming for free only on the Jio cinema. 
  • Asur 2 Cast has been kept the same as the previous season. Ridhi Dogra, Barun Sobti, and Arshad Warsi are in the lead. 

Asur 2 Release date, Trailer, Cast, Story

Asur 2 Release Date, Trailer: An awaited OTT Series to watch
Asur 2 Release Date, Trailer: An awaited OTT Series to watch 3
TitleAsur Season 2
Release Date01 June 2023
CastArshad Warsi, Ridhi Dogra, Barun Sobti
OTT PlatformJioCinema

Asur 2 on Jiocinema will be streaming from June 1. The first look of India’s biggest mythological web series is out. The story of Asur Season 2 will take a further step from where Season 1 ended. Shubh(Vishesh Bansal) is unstoppable in his mission and continues to commit crimes based on his mythological codings. 

Inspector Dhananjay(Arshad Warsi) being the lead investigation officer turns to Varanasi for further investigation in the case with a deeper view. Will he be able to stop the crime that is taking many innocent lives or will Dhananjay also be one of the victims of Shubh? Get your Answers on Jio Cinema as you may watch Asur Season 2 Online on Jio Cinema for free from June 1.

Asur Season 2 Watch Online: Web Series on Jio Cinema 

Asur 2 Release Date, Trailer: An awaited OTT Series to watch
Asur 2 Release Date, Trailer: An awaited OTT Series to watch 4

Jio Cinema will be the streaming network for Asur Season 2. Earlier Season 1 got streamed on Voot. Asur Web series was always counted among India’s biggest mythological series that simply you can’t miss. 

Asur Web series carries the best performance of Arshad Warsi who is in the role of Inspector Dhananjay. It is one of the most underrated web series that got famous organically after a month of its release. This time you may Watch online Asur 2 on Jio Cinema for completely free. 

Asur Season 2 First Look Out 

Asur 2 First look is completely taking the excitement to a different level giving the touch of thrill, action, and Suspense. Hence all the Asur Web series fans should tighten up their seat belt. 

Through the Web series Asur, Arshad Warsi Ott debut was also made. Undoubtedly it is one of the best debuts one could ask for. Asur 2 first look is gripping hard already and fans are elated for the new season. Asur Season 2 full episodes in Hindi can be streamed only on the Jio cinema. Earlier Asur ott rights were with Voot but Season 2 will be released on Jio cinema in various languages including English, Hindi, and Bhojpuri. 


Asur being the most popular Web series on ott has a huge fan following. It is one of the most loved series of all time. Asur IMDB rating being 8.4 it’s tough to hold the days anymore. Arshad Warsi has played many comedy roles be it in the Golmal franchise or Munna bhai but his acting in Asur has taken his acting career to a far different level. 

1. Is Asur 2 first look available?

Asur 2 first look is available on Youtube which confirmed Asur 2 release date.

2. Is season 2 of Asur confirmed?

Asur season 2 is confirmed and its trailer is out now on the social media official account Asur season 2 trailer is available to watch now.

3. Who is Asur 2 cast in the lead role?

Asur 2 cast in the lead role has Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi, Anupriya Goenka, Riddhi Dogra, Vishesh Bansal, Pawan Chopra, and Sharib Hashmi.

4. Is Asur 2 web series happening?

The awaited sequel of Asur is happening and it will be streaming on Jio Cinema on 1st June 2023 in various languages including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, and others.

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