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Ashneer Grover Is Not Part Of Shark Tank Season 2, fans say ‘Ye Sab Doglapan Hai’: Undivided Opinion with lying Controversy

Ashneer Grover Is Not Part Of Shark Tank Season 2: Shark Tank Season 1 became a delightful success across the country. A series like this is different from other shows that focus on celebrities and their way of life or outbursts of their behavior. Stories of middle-class people who are trying to start their own businesses are presented in this series. A large segment of the Indian audience participates in this show to fulfill their dreams and grab opportunities.

Ashneer Grover Is Not Part Of Shark Tank Season 2: About Season 1

Ashneer Grover Is Not A Part Of Shark Tank Season 2, fans say ‘Ye Sab Doglapan Hai’

IMDB 8.8/10
Genre Reality
Creator Ravikesh Vatsa
Featuring Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, Rannvijay Singh, Ghazal Alagh
OTT Platform Sony Liv

Shark Tank India is the remake of the American show Shark Tank. This series aired on 20 December 2021 to 4 February 2022 on Sony Liv. The judges who are called “Sharks” are CEO of different companies in India Anupam Mittal (Shaadi.com), Aman Gupta (BoAt), Ashneer Grover (Bharat Pe), Vineeta Singh (Sugar), Namita Thapar (Emcure), and Ghazal Alagh (MamaEarth).

This show is hosted by Ranvijay Singh, a popular host of shows like Roadies. In total, 118 companies participated in the show, and 67 companies got investments from sharks.


  • Shark Tank season 2 is coming soon
  • Ashneer Grover Is Not Part Of Shark Tank Season 2
  • Amit Jain replaces Ashneer Grover 
  • The audience is not happy with Grover’s decision

Ashneer Grover will not be part of Shark Tank Season 2

 Amit Jain will replace Ashneer Grover in Season 2

Ashneer Grover Is Not A Part Of Shark Tank Season 2, fans say ‘Ye Sab Doglapan Hai’
Ashneer Grover Is Not A Part Of Shark Tank Season 2, fans say ‘Ye Sab Doglapan Hai’

In the latest promotional video for Shark Tank Season 2, all the old judges were there with a fresh judge on that show. The show featured Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Vineeta Singh, but Ashneer was nowhere found. Amit Jain will replace him as the new shark in season 2.

Who is Amit Jain?

Amit Jain replaces  Grover, as confirmed by the promotional video for season 2, which is now available on SET India’s Official YouTube channel.

He is the founder of CarDekho with his brother Anurag Jain. His total net worth is a staggering Rs.2984 crores.

Reasons Why Ashneer Grover Is Not Part Of Shark Tank Season 2?

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In the promotional video for Shark Tank India Season 2, Ashneer is not featured. After the promo, the audience was unhappy with the changes made.

According to the sources here are some reasons why Ashneer is not part of the show-

He was honest and a mouth-talker

Ashneer Grover was brutally honest and a mouth-talker throughout the entire season, as well as an honest judge, which caused him to become popular among series fans and contestants. While many people felt that he was the most straightforward and rude judge of the series.

Because of the Controversies of Ashneer Grover 

He is being embroiled when the couple’s audio clip came to the light when they are sacked from the fintech company on allegations of misappropriation of funds. She has been accused of using company money for family abroad trips and paying her personal staff. They were fired from the company. To spare this controversy the makers did not make him part of the panel.

Participants Of Shark Tank Not Comfortable With Ashneer Behaviour

Many participants were not happy with Ashneer’s rude behavior they complained on social media that Ashneer’s behavior is to humiliate them. Even some are registered fir against him after a telecast of the episode.

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Which company does Ashneer Grover the owner of?

Ashneer Grover is the founder and CEO of the Financial Tech Company Bharat Pe. 

Who replaces Ashneer Grover in Shark Tank Season 2?

Ashneer Grover was replaced by Amit Jain in season 2 of Shark Tank.

Which company is owned by Amit Jain?

Amit Jain who replaced Ashneer Grover in Shark Tank Season 2, is the founder of the CarDekho company.


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