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ANEK Review 2022: A Thought-Provoking Drama that Crashed at the box office

ANEK Review: a movie by Ayushman Khurrana has dropped on Netflix one month later to its theater release. The box office has not welcomed Khurrana as always. Post the release of its trailer, people considered it a film which is made to preserve India’s integrity and outshine sovereignty and brotherhood. Hope Bollywood chooses more such plots in time to come.

Anek Movie, OTT Release Date, Plot, Story, And Review

ayushmaan khurna netflix movie Anek review  series on ott
Ayushman Khurana Netflix movie Anek review series on Ott
  • OTT Platform: Netflix
  • Anek OTT Release Date: June 26, 2022
  • Genre Based on: Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Anek Showtimes : 2h 27 min
  • Anek Movie IMDB Rating: 7.2
  • Director: Anubhav Sinha
  • Anek Star Cast: Ayushman Khurrana, Andrea Kevichusa, Amid Hussain Ashik. 

In contrast, The fact cannot be denied that whenever an effort has been embedded to accomplish the making such a film which directly drew the essence from any original or historical happening it always ends up being controversial or comes with the tag of spreading communal hatred and eventually fails at the collection box or sometimes rises as Kashmir Files too. However, in the name of originality, masala, action, and romance cannot be served on the table always(Being versatile in ideas is the need everywhere).

Ayushman Khurrana Anek Movie Plot 

The movie keeps up a very sensitive storyline which has always been under the sack and probably only because it engulfs the name of caste, religion, and community within it, and at any cost no one is ready to bargain.

The storyline of the movie is connected with a puzzle that needs to be solved. Its name is ‘Johnson’, A secret organization of the northeast that wants to break itself in parts and desires to form a separate state from India. No one knows who leads Johnson.

north east based movie ANEK watch on netflix series on ott
north east based movie ANEK watch on Netflix series on ott

To patch up the same piece of stones an officer named Joshua (Ayushman Khurrana) enters the area of North East to accomplish this mission and solve the riddle of ‘Johnson’. Joshua hides everything and considers Johnson as his God as a tactic to dig the way which will lead to him.

The secret officer is under the supervision of a politician from Delhi.  In the North, Joshua has also fallen in love with the girl who has an indirect connection with Johnson. Will Joshua choose to accomplish his mission or will he choose the girl in barter of it? Tune in to Netflix to find the same.

North East Based Movie ANEK Review On Netflix

Visually spectacular, politically blurred, and with well-meaning dialogues but yet it failed to impress the audience and to break the barrier across the screen. The movie engulfs within it the north-east people and the mockery which the rest of the part of India enjoys by scorning about their physical features.

In Spite of this subplot the main plot of how this socially intimidating thing has been used by other politicians for their advantage and in the midst of which laymen fight among them just to preach their rights.

north east based movie ANEK watch on netflix series on ott
northeast based movie ANEK watch on Netflix series on Ott

‘aNEk’ when you will closely look at the title of the poster a difference surely will be felt, ‘NE’ in ‘aNEk’, stands for the North East, and kudos to the presentation that clearly promotes the idea of the movie.

For so many decades North East people have been neglected by the mainland Central Government which eventually caused them an identity crisis. They are stereotypically looked down on by the Mainleaders.

Anubhav Sinha has definitely brought a crucial issue to the forefront of cinema but due to its not-so-good screenplay, it eventually turned out tedious or unrelieved to watch. There was a large scope for turning out the screenplay better for the movie to make it stand out from the crowd.

With such an intense deep storyline the movie could have done much but everything that outshines cannot always be a diamond and so is this one. With a runtime of 2 hours, this movie has exactly nothing to offer the audience. it just flows with no commas and a full stop. It feels more like a personal opinion rather than an opinion on the whole.

If you are watching it with the same expectation as Article 15 or Andhadhun, you will be disappointed by Ayushman and the script he chose. Brownie points just for the choice of the topic and minus for the screenplay, screen space, and its indulgence with reality.

ANEK full Movie review on netflix ANEK Review,ANEK

Director: Anubhav Sinha

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