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Ammar Movie(2019) Best Review: Directed by Mahmoud Kamel, It has a Vague Storyline with No Dread.

Ammar Movie Review Directed by Mahmoud Kamel it has a Ammar movie

Director: Özgür Bakar

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Ammar movie

Ammar movie is a horror film from Egypt that premiered on Netflix on June 4, 2022. The plot revolves around a family who moves into a new home, but weird and horrific incidents soon follow, making their life miserable.

Release on OTT(Netflix) 04 June 2022.
IMDB 5/10
 Genre Horror
Director Özgür Bakar
Cast Ozan Akbaba · Alican Çokoğur · Dilşah Demir · Yunus Emre Denizoglu · Selim Erdoğan · Berke Hürcan · Nezahat Oynar · Duygu Paracikoglu.
Runtime 1 hour 30 minutes

The storyline of the Ammar Movie 

The plot revolves around a family who relocates to the Gharibs’ Castle with their 3 kids. Apparently, they are all ecstatic about this beautiful mansion, which is significantly larger than their old residence in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, their joy is short-lived as strange things continue to happen in the mansion. The youngest child is the first to make an imaginary companion, but the father eventually succumbs to the shadow’s power. Everyone in the family suspects that there is another adult in the house, but it is too late for them to flee before it consumes them one by one.

They discover the miserable world of prior crimes committed within its buildings, or perhaps these cursed walls are the culprits of these murders. Will they manage to get out of the mansion soon, or will they follow in the footsteps of the building’s historical past?

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A detailed review of the Ammar Movie.

In Ammar movie, the small child with curiosity is the first to encounter the otherworldly creature and even becomes her buddy, as in every horror movie. Further, the first to turn their victims, which is why it is best to avoid finding new companions living in darker corners of your house.

Ammar Movie Review: Directed by Mahmoud Kamel, It has a Vague Storyline with No Dread.
Ammar Movie

The appearance of the spirit or ghost, on the other hand, appears to be that of a psycho stalker attempting to see who has relocated in. The lack of special effects may be responsible for this.

One might imagine that now that the kid has been betrayed by their spirit companion, they will bear the brunt of the punishment, but they have other ideas and target the father. I think it’s a unique approach in the world of horror movies and on the side of the haunting spirits to aim for the active component (i.e. the family patriarch) rather than minor walkouts with a toddler.

The couple has relocated from the United Arab Emirates, and the father is looking for work, but I’m curious how they can buy such a large house with a hot tub and even two housekeepers when they have no income. Maybe they got a good deal on the house from someone who needed to sell it. As a result, another life thing to learn is to never accept a low-cost offer without first thoroughly investigating the house, as the mansion in the video needed major renovations.

Ammar, a horror film available on Netflix, is devoid of plot twists. It takes a deeper psychological turn, with perhaps a ghost or two, although it’s unclear what their motivation is. It appears to be a hallucination generated by the writer’s imagination, who is afraid of being alone in a large home with darkened rooms. Even the smallest kid is unsure if she wants to be friends with the ghost, as she swings between following it to strange places and yelling when she sees it.

Although the video is categorized as 16+, I don’t believe it would be not reassuring to children under the age of 16. There is no justification for what occurred in the past to give the company such a poor name. Ammar is a movie to watch in your spare time if you’re seeking something different to watch with terrible music that leads to sub-par horror if we’re being truthful.

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