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Amma Meri Review, A Short Film By Large Barrel Select On Social issue

The Short film Amma Meri revolves around an incident that took place in a rural family and changed their lives forever. The family has an old couple, who have a married son, nearly fifty years old, his wife, and his twenty-five years old daughter. The film starts with the tragic death of the Head of the family.

  • Release Date: 2nd August 2019
  • Genre: Tragic and Social problem
  • Director : Tarun Jain
  • Cast: Anurag Arora, Devki Rani, Diksha Lamba, Raghuvir Mann, Naresh Kaushik, and Shivam Pradhan
  • YouTube Short Film By Large Barrel Select on Social Issue Amma Meri

Large Barrel Select Short Film Amma Meri Plot, Story, Star Cast, And Review

Amma Meri social issue short film review series on ott
Amma Meri social issue short film review series on Ott

It is clearly depicted that his death was an outcome of excessive alcohol consumption. After his death, all the family members are grieved and all the responsibility of the family falls upon the shoulders of the only man left in the house.

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The man, who sells milk for his bread and butter, has the tension of marrying his aging daughter and taking good care of his mother and wife as well. The family consultant tells him that his father had made a fixed deposit long ago that now has an ample sum of money. He just has to take his mother to the office for some formalities but the money will be credited only after her death.

The man has been portrayed to be under immense pressure, from society, to marry his daughter. He even tends to get some loan from a man but fails there. On the other hand, the film also shows us that his daughter is also planning to elope with some guy.

At last, the man takes his mother to finish the paperwork and settle the fixed deposit. On his way back, he is so tense with his life that he actually tries to kill his mother, by making the old lady fall off the two-wheeler.

He soon gets to his senses and even his mother gets to know of his intentions. They both reach home, unaware of the fact that the young lady has already eloped with her love. The mother, then, lives her last breath, giving what his son wanted and the film ends there.

Social Issue Short film Amma Meri Review 

Amma Meri yotube short film plot story series on ott
Amma Meri youtube short film plot story series on Ott

The director has made optimum use of cinematography to depict the harsh reality of society in a highly interactive manner. The actors have just the perfect amount of dialogue to deliver and the rest of the job is done by the storytelling itself.

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How does society get a man to the edge of committing a sin? How does the wheel of ‘Karma’ fall upon the human itself? How a mother is always ready to please her children? These all will be the key learnings yet the points of deep-thinking in this short film.

Conclusion On Large Barrel Select Short Film

Amma Meri large barrel select short film series on ott
Amma Meri large barrel select short film series on ott

The father dies due to alcohol and repeatedly, the son is shown drinking under the same tree. Every next villager is getting new proposals for his daughter just for some gift from the father. The consultant is interested just in his commission. These all are the cruel yet true colors of the society we live in.

The man who was willing to kill his mother eventually got betrayed by his own daughter and in the end, lost everything. The film, at last, will surely leave you in a state of dilemma. You won’t be able to decide whether the main character was wrong from the beginning or it’s just the society that gives birth to and nourishes such a toxic mentality.

Amma Meri
Amma Meri social issue short film review Amma Meri Review,short film

Director: Tarun Jain

Date Created: 2024-03-04 13:56

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