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Amit Bhadana: Wife, Life, Age, Cast | Best Youtuber in India

YouTube has given a platform to every artist to showcase their talent assuring entertainment for the audience.  Amit Bhadana is one such YouTuber who has made the best use of the platform and delivers comedy videos based on friendship, relation, and ongoing scenarios.

He has has one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube, since 2017 and currently has 2.41 crore + subscribers with over 2.2 billion + views. His videos are shared and enjoyed among the people  and as a result he has an immense fan following. We have filtered out some of his best works which got an impressive response. 

List of Top 5 Best Highest Viewed Videos on YouTube

Here the list of Top 5 Best Video on YouTube most viewed videos of Amit Bhadana.

1. Paggal

Amit Bhadana Paggal
Amit Bhadana: Wife, Life, Age, Cast | Best Youtuber in India 6
IMDB 8.8
Genre Drama
Views 1.3 crore +
Likes 16 Lakh +
Cast Vikas Bainsla, Amit Bhadana, Pooja Bhasin, Akshita Sharma

It’s not easy being a multitasker but Amit Bhadana is the ‘OG’ of it. Being an actor with exceptional comic timing, director, writer, and active YouTuber all by one self is not an easy task to carry but the U.P boy has proved it all.

The 1:40-hour movie revolves around Nandan Kumar who hails from a Chawl in Mumbai and works in a newspaper printing press for a small amount. He has a beautiful, supportive wife who 

Is always with him through thick and thin. ‘Honesty’ is the biggest quality she demands from her husband. 

Nandan trying to overcome his poverty, one fine day finds a bag full of money worth 10 crore. The suitcase does not only come with money but has many unexplored dark facts with it and has become a dark moon in Nandan’s life as the politician who owns the bag is already in search of it. 

Will Nandan take the risk to transform his sleeping destiny or will he choose the part of honesty as his wife wants him to? Unwind the whole story on Amit Bhadana official YouTube handle. 

2. Amit Bhadana LLB

Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana LLB
IMDB 8.3
Genre Drama, Comedy
Views 1.7 crore + 
Likes 13 Lakh +
Cast Aaqib Uz Zaman, Manoj Joshi, Rajesh Sharma, Stefy Patel, Amit Bhadana

Experimentation and innovation is always required in a field to attract your audience, be it any. Amidst all the existing legal drama, be it comedy or intense, Amit Bhadana LLB has come up with his version of legal comedy to entertain his viewers and prove himself again. The series is available to stream on Disney Hotstar and can be watched on bhadana’s official YouTube channel as well. 

The story revolves around a man named Amit who is on a mission to become one of the most successful lawyers of the country. The goal comes with many hurdles though as it is always said, it is much harder to work on a goal than to desire for it. The series is currently streaming with season 1 and is lined up for season 2.

3. School Ke Wo Din

Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana
IMDB 9.4
Genre Comedy
Views 6.3 crore +
Likes 17 lakh +
Cast Amit Bhadana, Riya Mavi

The Director and writer of the short comedy is Bhadana himself. This comedy video is influenced from school days and is purely dedicated to the students who have created innumerable memories being a backbencher. 

It showcases every small aspect of a student life, whether it’s about the new developing Crush of girls and boys, bunking classes, girls bringing makeup to school or boys showing macho punches, whether it’s about maths teachers taking free periods. The last few minutes of the clip takes a leap of 4 years and capture the glimpse of the same student coming back to their classroom and remembering their old days. 

The video series of ‘School ke Woh Din’ is full of emotion, be it comedy or sadness of not making it to the past again. There are different clips by bhadana on the same subject which have much more engagement and freshness to offer. 

4. Dosti

Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana
IMDB 6.8
Likes 12 Lakh + 
Views 3.3 crore +

There are some friendships that last from cradle to the grave and the story of one such is showcased in this short video. It is the story of two friends who grew up together in a village but one of them went a separate way for studies. 

They met after 10 years and being brought up in a different background, one a complete villager and  other with a city life experience, the video is a message about how Hindi being our mother tongue is degraded and is considered below the belt language and English is becoming more and more preferred. 

Every Indian should be proud of the Hindi language and culture is the whole motto of the short film 

5. Mera Junior

Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana
Teaser view 12 lakh +
Teaser likes 1.4 lakh +

To Be Released in October 2022)

The teaser of Mera Junior has been dropped on the official YouTube handle on Bhdana a month before and looks soothing and engaging. 

The 2:04 minute teaser curtains up with the three school going kids, one boy and two girls where the boy says, ‘I love you’ and when both the girls asks, to whom? he at once points his finger at both of them. Changing the topic, the boy then asks them to meet his best friend and we get to see the sneak peek of Bhadana coming on scooter in a completely different avtaar. 

The production quality, location and screenplay looks amazing, for sure something more fresh and exciting is going to be delivered this diwali from his treasure box. 


The movie will give you an experience of Romance, comedy and actions with proper establishment of characters and the audience will be able to invest in the movie emotionally. The hard work of the whole team is clearly visible and a brownie point for the content quality. 

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