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Adhura Web Series Review: Best Horror Series on Amazon Prime

It is always a kind of comfort consuming Indian content if the production quality and cinematography are so good. Rasika Dugal and Ishwak Singh’s new web series Adhura is all about terrifying horror. Let’s stick on to the Adhura Web series review. 


  • Adhura is the latest released web series on Prime video. 
  • Adhura Cast has Rasika Dugal and Ishwak Singh. 
  • Adhura Web series budget is around 6-7 crore. 
  • Adhura release date is July 07, 2023.

Adhura Web series Episodes, OTT, IMDB

Adhura Web Series Review: A Super-Natural Horror Series On OTT
Adhura Web Series Review
Watch Online
OTTPrime Video
CastRasika Dugal, Ishwak Singh, Shrenik Arora
DirectorGauravv Chawla & Ananya Banerjee
ProducerMonisha Advani
Runtime40-45 min

The Adhura web series trailer was released a week back and it received quite a good response. People even compared that with any excellent Hollywood show and praised the cinematography and production quality a lot. The gripping and unique story that Adhura delivers is totally a charm. The story of the Adhura web series is totally engaging. 

Adhura Web Series Story

Adhura Web Series Review: A Super-Natural Horror Series On OTT
Adhura Web Series Review

Finding a Horror Show among so many isn’t easy. If you are really a content binger, horror series carry the same story of revenge and remorse. Talking about the story line, the Adhura web series delivers nothing new. The same old lost soul who has come to take revenge after so many years in a human body is the plot of the series. 

The story revolves around the boarding school where there is a 10-year-old boy Vedant Malik (Shrenik Arora). The school is organizing a reunion of an old batch. As soon as Vedant watches the reunion of the old class he starts behaving in an unusual way and the main plot of the story takes a head. The story is followed by many twists and turns followed by many murders and deaths that seemed natural. What will be the end of Vedant? Why is he the only one chosen by The lost soul to conclude the revenge? Unwind the horrifying drama and Watch Adhura On Prime. 

Adhura Web Series Review

Adhura Web Series Review: A Super-Natural Horror Series On OTT
Adhura Web Series Review: Best Horror Series on Amazon Prime 5

Ishwak Singh, Rasika Dugal, and Shrenik Arora have totally elevated the creation of a horror drama by creating a masterpiece titled Adhura. 

The series will totally introduce you to a dreadful horror sequence that you just can’t forget, giving you a whole and Soul experience of a complete horror series despite being titled Adhura. The way the directors of Adhura have presented an old story in a modern and engaging way is something to be praised. How a 10-year-old boy hypnotizes people and controls their minds and body is a unique concept that has been embedded. The story carries the concept of a 15-year-old history of a boarding school. 

The seven-episode series is totally complementing each other and there is no doubt that Adhura web series.is one of the best horror series that has been released near date. 

We have already seen the blockbuster performance of Rasika Duggal in many movies and web series like Mirzapur, Delhi Crime, and Made in Heaven. Ishwak Singh has already grabbed the eyeball from rocket boys. Whereas Shrenik Arora has totally mastered the performance in the latest release Amazon Prime web series Adhura and he has totally made the character of a 10-year-old boy Vedant. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the Adhura release date? 

Adhura release date is 7 July 2023 and it is available to watch on Prime Video it is one of the best horror web series released lately. 

2. What is Rasika Dugal latest Web series? 

Rasika Dugal’s latest web series is released on Prime video and Ishwak Singh and Shrenik Arora are also in major roles. The web series is titled Adhura and is available to watch on Prime. 

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Director: Gauravv Chawla & Ananya Banerjee

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