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Action Movies Looking For New Action Sequence Movies?

One of the most popular ‘over-the-top’ platforms around the world today is Amazon prime video. Since its inception it has gone on to become a household streaming platform due to its quality content and affordable subscription rate. It has movies, web series, documentaries and many more.

Action Movies on the Lookout for the Next Big Thing

This particular best movies on OTT platforms is mainly famous for streaming the top movies from the action genre. Action, as a genre, has constantly evolved with time and we have seen many masterpieces created. It also remains as one of the most sought-after genres by movie enthusiasts. Amazon Prime video has constantly updated its platform with the elite and distinct movies from the action genre. Here, let’s have a look at ten of the best action movies on prime video.

We bring a list of Top 10 Best of the Action Movies genre to enjoy on Amazon prime video.

1. The Hurt Locker

Action Movies
Action Movies

This movie received 9 Oscar nominations, and won 6 of them including the Best Picture. The movie is particularly praised for the acting of its protagonist, which is portrayed by Jeremy Renner, where he plays the role of a careless Sergeant.

But even then he is not hesitant to take risk and carefully focused in completing important tasks like defusing a bomb. The film actually brings out the great personality of the main character in crunch situations. In the war-torn drama, there are certain aspects of suspense which exalt the level of the movie. If you love war movies, this is a must watch for you.

2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Action Movies
Action Movies

It is almost impossible to make a list of best crime thriller movies excluding Mission Impossible by Tom Cruise. This movie raises the levels and showcases some brilliant action. Tom Cruise is seen playing the role of IMF Agent Ethan Hunt for the fourth time. Besides, Renner also does an incredible job in playing the supportive role.

The plot shows that Ethan Hunt and his team are racing against time to prove their innocence and in the process their lives are at stake. Due to being framed for a terrorist attack they are now estranged and Ethan is imprisoned by the Kremlin in Moscow. This was Bran Bird’s action debut movie and performed amazingly well. There is some eye-catching action and stunning stunts performed, which are a treat to watch if you are an action lover.

3. Furious 7

Action Movies
Action Movies

Being a part of the incredible Furious franchise, Furious 7 is one of the most entertaining action movies. The most important part of the movie is the song ‘See you again’. Tragedy struck when actor Paul Walker’s death during the making of the film shocked the world. He was given a tribute in this movie. Vin Diesel returns to reprise the role of Dom Toretto alongside Brian portrayed by Paul Walker.

The plot develops as the team is presented with an opportunity to get Shaw at the cost of another risky mission. The action sequences by Dom, Brian and Hobbes are spot on with their car riding being a signature to them. If you’re a follower of the furious franchise, you would not miss out on this one.

4. 13 Hours

Action Movies
Action Movies

The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (IMDb- 7.3) This war movie depicts the multiple elite CIA operatives who defend the American compound in Benghazi. The plot focuses on six commandos in Libya based on an intel where the team is put on alert in rescuing the compound. It is a complete action movie with the seasoning of war and has an incredible finish. It is an absorbing movie and keeps you engaged in its plot throughout. Michael Bay, being the director, is known for his action thriller movies. John Krasinski plays the protagonist and is the newest to join the Benghazi team. It is a great movie for thrilling action enthusiasts.

5. Mad Max: Fury Road

Action Movies
Action Movies

This 2015 movie, featuring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron took everyone by surprise with its incredible action. The monster trucks, soldiers and the explosions in the background music is pure madness. The stunts performed in the movie were amazing and no movie has managed to match its brilliance in that aspect yet. The apocalyptic plot depicts a world where humanity is lost and everyone is into the gains of life. The protagonist Max is caught by a tyrannical desert king while helping a group of female captives return to their homelands. In the stranded desert with an oppressive leader, it is to be seen whether he is able to return to the group and help them while they are being chased by the leader’s men. You would certainly love this movie if you are an action lover.

6. Casino Royale

Casino Royale Action Movies,action thriller movies,best action movies of all time,best crime thriller movies,new action movies
Action Movies

This movie is bound to engage your attention since it is a James Bond movie. The plot starts with James Bond getting the 00 status and with the authority to kill, is sent in his first mission to destroy a private banker named Le Chiffre who provides funds to terrorists and their organization. He is sent to kill him at a game of poker at Casino Royale. This movie is a proper action thriller with the signature dialogues of James Bond. The protagonist is played by Daniel Craig who does complete justice to the character. Director Martin Campbell has done an excellent job in putting together all the subtle aspects of the movie.

7. The Boondock Saints

Action Movies

This movie is an amazing cult action piece which has been applauded by viewers for more than two decades. The plot depicts two brothers who were famous overnight after murdering Russian criminals in their own defense. FBI agent, portrayed by William Dafoe, does not accuse them and this leads them to believe that it is their fate to rid all the wrong men in Boston of their lives, which leads them into a bloody trail. The director, Troy Duffy has done an excellent job in providing a premise to the most crucial part of the story. Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus are the main leads. The action sequences and the thrill associated with it keep the viewers on the edge. You should definitely check out this movie if you are a fan of Tarantino films.

8. The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War

As is evident from the title itself, this movie is not about a war about the future. The plot depicts a Lieutenant time travelling to the past and finding that Earth is under an alien invasion and that humans are losing the fight. Soldiers are needed in the future to defend the planet from the aliens. Amongst many there is a war experienced soldier Dan Forester, portrayed by Chris Pratt, who must act quickly along with other soldiers to contain the threat that is looming large on humanity.

The acting of Chris Pratt in the movie is praiseworthy and his dedication to the character is excellent. It is a movie where there is a mixture of sci-fi and action. Directed by Chris McKay, this movie has mind-boggling action with the aliens in its climax. You would definitely enjoy this movie if you are a fan of sci-fi action movies.

9. The Italian Job

The Italian Job action movies
action movies

This movie shows one of the best bank heists and it has an amazingly storyline and elegant stunts. The movie is all about classic action. The director, F. Gary Gray has presented some incredible chasing sequences coupled with action. Mini Cooper on the roads is an important part of the movie and presents a stylish side to the film. The main character is played by Mark Wahlberg whose acting is an absolute matter of appreciation. The movie has all elements of an action movie like betrayal, killing and theft. If you are a fan of heist movies, you will definitely like this one.

10. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
action movies

This action blockbuster by Robert Rodriguez was a classic action movie in comparison to its prequels in the Mexico trilogy. Antonio Banderas reprises his role of El Mariachi, who is hired by the CIA to intercept a corrupt general. Rodriguez has put an ensemble cast together to its brilliance in this movie and has extracted the best out of every character. Johnny Depp, who also plays a supportive role, has done really well.

The plot has been a sequel to the previous two movies of the trilogy. One of the catching features of this movie was its elegance in the filmmaking. This movie contains great action sequences and some plot twists which show the director’s creativity. If you love Tarantino-esque movies, this is not something you should miss out on.