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Acharaya, Review of This Best Telugu Drama Movie On Amazon Prime.

Acharaya (ఆచార్య), is one of the Best Telugu Drama Movie On Amazon Prime Video. Here we have covered the Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan’s best thriller movie Acharaya review.

GENRE Drama, Thriller
IMDb 3.8/10
DIRECTOR Koratala Siva
OTT PLATFORM Amazon Prime Video
STARRING Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde

Review of the Best Telugu Movie Acharaya (ఆచార్య) On Prime Video

The holy town-village duo of Dharmasthali and Padaghattam are surrounded by the Siddhavanam forest. The goddess of worship in this region is Gattamma. It functions under the autocratic power of Basava, who is the local municipal head of Dharmasthali and has the motive to hand over the region to another party for establishing their business there. The rule of Basava makes it difficult for the people of Padaghattam to go to Dharamshala.

Acharya (Chiranjeevi), upon arriving in Dharmasthali as a carpenter, begins to fight back against the atrocious measures of Basava. The story then goes into a flashback when Acharya explains about his best friend, Siddha’s life. It is shown that Siddha is a righteous man from the Gurukul in the vicinity and a follower of Dharma.

Basava and some other people also belonged to the same Gurukul. Basava, along with his comrades decide to disrupt the Gattamma Temple in the village under the pretext of rainfall. Siddha, being informed about the plan, tries to prevent them during the night by attacking them.

Acharaya, Review of This Best Telugu Drama Movie On Amazon Prime.

In the fight, he becomes seriously injured and Acharya and his men come to save him and take him to the forest nearby. The truth about Siddha is revealed that he was the son of Comrade Shankar, who was a fellow Naxalite chief of Acharya and had died in a gunfight with the police. Acharya had promised Shankar to inculcate the values of Dharma and righteousness while raising him.

Siddha is sent to Adanna to grow in Dharmasthali and Acharya keeps a watch on Siddha from a distance, ensuring his protection. Siddha, upon knowing about his background, joins the Naxal gang of Acharya. During an operation, he finds out about a map that includes Dharmasthali and Padaghattam marked for blasting for mining.

Siddha immediately decides to return to his village and prevent the blast. What happens next? Does Siddha face any tragedy? Where does the story about him take its turn? To know the answer to all these questions, make sure to watch Acharaya. It is available on MX Player.

The plot of the Ram Charan Acharaya Best Telugu Movie

The plot of Acharaya is a plain good versus bad story. It unfolds in an extremely predictable manner and any decent movie watcher would forecast how the plot would develop from the start till the end. The film lacks a surprise element. Director Koratala Siva tries to gain the audience’s attention by giving a mythological and moral angle along with visual effects.

Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan are great actors and can rock any movie in which they work. However, the writing is considered quite below average. The relationship between the characters of Acharya and Siddha is highlighted in the flashback about Siddha’s life and growth in a Gurukul. The father-son duo and their on-screen chemistry is quite natural as Chiranjeevi’s pride is upheld when Ram Charan defends what is right and stands up against the wrongs to any extent.

Acharaya, Review of This Best Telugu Drama Movie On Amazon Prime.

Ram Charan’s acting is praised as he gives a typical stylish touch to the character of Siddha. Chiranjeevi also earned much praise for portraying such a strong character at his age, with his own sense of elegance. The regions around Dharmasthali are a visual treat to the eyes, for which the production designer and the cinematography are excellent.

However, the story fails to hold on the audience’s attention for long as the same greedy, political villains against the village hero narrative have receded. Also, the ideology of Siddha and his personal development in the Gurukul shapes his character.

But there is no such insight about Acharya as he is shown as a godly figure in his gang. The positives that could be drawn from this movie are the action sequences of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. Overall, it belongs to the category of another not-so-impressive movie without much innovation and depth.

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