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Aar ya Paar Review: A 2022 Brilliant Web series by Hotstar

Aar Ya Paar
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Director: Sidharth Sengupta

Date Created: 2024-06-23 21:14

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Aar ya paar review: Hotstar gives the critical problem of indigenous community exploitation the full film treatment. The story, which is based on a struggle between menacing suits and woodland people clothed in brown sack-like clothing, contains Avatar-like moments – minus the visual effects.

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Aar ya Paar Review: 

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OTT Platform Hotstar
Genre Action
IMDB 9.1
Starcast Satyen Chaturvedi,Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Suzzane Bernert,Varun Badola

The basis of Aar Ya Paar, an eight-episode series developed by Sidharth Sengupta for Hotstar Specials, is an all-out struggle between two worlds – one of the people who draw nourishment from a jungle, the other represented by those who wish to seize control of the protected zone. Regardless of the bigger goal, it doesn’t take long for the program to devolve into a standard narrative of vengeance centered on a young tribal man trying to punish his father, who was murdered in cold blood by a merc on the payroll of a cruel tycoon. It is based on a narrative concept and may appear to be a series with a good heart.

It is the mind that takes it wrong and stops it from being a believable and really interesting story about an age-old fight between the people who own the forests and others who crave them and possess the political and economic resources to seize them.

Sarju, played by rookie Aditya Rawal, is a warrior of the Degohaati tribe from somewhere in the middle of India. Sarju and his tribe are still gatherer-hunters, but for some reason, they keep on wearing prehistoric attire, kill with bows and arrows, and live lives cut off from civilization, as they did a few centuries ago. There are few tales of such tribes in India today, but regardless of veracity, this is a dreadfully romanticized depiction of a disappearing concept. Furthermore, Sarju is the dullest, straight-faced protagonist, whose reluctance implies brain injury rather than a mystery or hesitant gladiatorial artifice.

Ashish Vidyarthi portrays Reuben Bhattaa, the perplexingly named leader of Bhattaa Mining, a presumably ruthless mining business that discovers a valuable mineral that can be extracted from the region inhabited by Sarju’s tribe. This is a classic collision of worlds, two radically opposed points of view, yet it seems far too controlled and quiet for its own benefit. Dibyendu Bhattacharya is pushed into the fray as a native, foul-mouthed contractor, as is Sumeet Vyas, the poorly read and somewhat intellectual policeman given ringside seating. Vyas is adequate, while Bhattacharya is, as always, terrific. He flies in an otherwise lackluster blend of forced drama, clumsy artistic decisions, and a weird plotline as a small-time caterer of nasty duties.

Aar ya Paar Review: Plot Analysis

Aar ya Paar Review: A 2022 Brilliant Web series by Hotstar

It’s difficult to sum up a show’s problems when it feels so irregular and abrupt that it doesn’t just move, but plunges down a well of exceedingly negative creative choices. Aar Ya Paar accomplishes none of this since the setting is disingenuous, if not insulting at times. Ambition is a wonderful trait to have, yet it may lead you into areas and ideas that remove your sense of security and belonging. This series gives glimpses of what this creative team is capable of – they have done it before.

And perhaps that is what they should have done. Aar Ya Paar is uninterested in investigating the problems of Sarju’s indigenous tribe. The focus is not on the woodland inhabitants and their poisoned river. Sarju’s solitary efforts to avenge the criminals guilty of his father’s death are shown in the series. Aar Ya Paar, which was filmed in and around Bastar, conjures up a universe in which geography, logic, and reality are routinely overlooked. Even though it seems to have taken fire at the correct target, it does not fire straight enough since it is stuck in its fairly simple methods. 

Do watch Aar ya Paar on Hotstar. 

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FAQ on Aar Ya Paar

  1. On which ott platform Aar Ya Paar is streaming now?

Aar Ya Paar is now streaming on the ott platform on Disney+Hotstar. Aaar Ya Paar is an action thriller web series. This web series is streaming from 30th December 2022.

2. Which well-known actor’s son is featured in a lead role in Aaar Ya Paar?

Aditya Rawal is son of Indian actor Paresh Rawal. Aditya Rawal is portrayed as Sarju who belongs to the tribal community and wants to take revenge for his tribal people’s deaths.

Which familiar actor’s wife is featured in a major role in the web series Aar Ya Paar?

In the webseries, Aaar Ya Paar actress Patralekhaa Paul is the wife of Bollywood’s well-known actor Rajkumar Rao. She is playing a major role as Sanghamitra in the new ott releases Aaar Ya Paar.

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