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AAI Shapath- A Heart Felt Movie By Large Barrel

Aai Shapath is a heartfelt Youtube short film by Large Barrel Select that will move you emotionally. With the means of a young boy, the makers convey a very important message in the film.

AAI Shapath PLOT- Story Of A Young Boy

AAI Shapath- A Heart Felt Movie By Large Barrel
AAI Shapath youtube short film

A young Soham (Abhishek Bachankar) plays a routine cricket game with his chawl friends. Ninad (Aaryan Dalvi), a cousin of Soham, has come to his home and is also playing with him. Ninad cheats while batting, but very characteristically for a pre-teen, swears by his mother to kill off the controversy.

This event has a firm impact on Soham’s mind. He believes, like so many of us once did, in the humbling power of superstition. It is understood that being born and brought up in a traditional environment of a Maharashtrian family, the concept of superstition is firm in his young mind. This causes Soham to panic about his aunt’s death as he is sincerely naive. He is too young to know otherwise. However, he will understand the reality in the coming time.

Release date on OTT 30TH OCTOBER, 2017
IMDB 7.1/10
Genre Short film, Drama
Director Gautam Vaze
OTT Platform Youtube(Large Barrel Select)
Runtime 15 minutes
Langauge Marathi
Starring Abhishek Bachankar, Aaryan Dalvi, Rujuta Deshmukh

So normally, Soham starts to shadow Ninad’s mom, his affectionate auntie, for the entire end of the week. He doesn’t let her far away from him. He is concerned. He is concerned that Ninad’s heedlessness could cost him his auntie’s life. It’s charming, as well as somewhat miserable, in light of the fact that we realize he will outgrow this naivety one day. What impact does this subtle event have on young Soham’s mind? How is child psychology portrayed and understood? To know the answer to all these questions, make sure to watch AAI Shapath on YouTube. It is available on the LargeShortFilms YouTube channel.

AAI Shapath REVIEW- A Youtube Short Film That Moves You Emotionally

AAI Shapath- A Heart Felt Movie By Large Barrel
AAI Shapath youtube short film

Young minds have significant incidental impacts. Such events could mold their personality as they grow. It could be anything – a field trip, classroom punishment, a missing family member, a dog bite or even a creepy watchman.

The film AAI Shapath is hushed up, innocent and charming. The story of AAI Shapath is about the fear of a persuaded kid who is going to lose his auntie. During a cricket match, Soham’s cousin swears untruthfully on his mom, leaving the previous stressed over the prosperity of his auntie.

Our young hero is on tenterhooks as he watches her intently, hopping at her hiccups, an unpropitious variety or an inaccessible telephone. AAI Shapath makes a respectable showing of catching the dread of a youngster following an innocuous falsehood. The equivalent is depicted in the way different characters answer him, a gadget that permits the film to consistently impart the feeling. The execution of the account is clear alongside being an unobtrusive indication of how profoundly installed notions are in our everyday lives.

Director, Gautam Vaze plans, with an eye for detail and effortlessness, a significant preview of little Soham’s life. Simultaneously, we additionally get a knowledge into the reasoning system – and henceforth, of course, an unassuming childhood in a God-dreading local area – of a kid.  AAI Shapath is a charming short film that portrays the narrative of an eight-year-old Soham. As his maternal uncle and aunt have a stay over at his place, alongside their child Ninad, Soham finds something useful to do changing illustration.

While playing in the general public compound Ninad takes a misleading oath on his mom. This places Soham in a problem and he is continually checking regardless of whether his auntie is as yet alive. The film portrays it openly subject to the distinction of the audience. Either such an event could totally alter his concept of superstition. Another aspect is that one being totally aware of the redundancy of such words use them to one’s own discretion for lying.

The best part of the movie AAI Shapath is the straightforwardness of Soham, which is simply so charming. The way that character has been composed too merits praise. Kids get propensities rapidly, that is the reason what we say, and how we act before them is significant. Overall AAI Shapath short film is a simple story about the innocence of children worth watching.

Aai Shapath
AAI Shapath AAI Shapath,Youtube Short film

Director: Gautam Vaze

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