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‘A Perfect Pairing’ Netflix 2022: Victoria Justice and Adam Demos star in Netflix’s

A Perfect Pairing features all of the traditional rom-com elements: a fish out of sea story, two opposites drawn together, and a luscious, picturesque backdrop. It’ll remind you of movies like The Proposal or Beauty and the Briefcase about office romance.

  • OTT Release date of A Perfect Pairing is 19 May 2022
  • The IMDB rating of this movie is 6.1.
  • A Perfect Pairing Star Cast is Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Luca Sardelis, Korey Williams, Samantha Tolj, and more
Release on OTT(Netflix) 19 May 2022
IMDB 6.1/10
Genre Romance
Director Stuart McDonald
Runtime 1 hour 45 minutes
Cast Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Luca Sardelis, Korey Williams, Samantha Tolj, Hazel Walsh, Emma Kate Lawrence, Nicholas Brown, Tracie Filmer, Antonio Álvarez, Craig Horner, Lucy Durack, Emily Havea, Natalie Abbott, Jayden Popik

A Perfect Pairing Netflix Movie Plot, Story, Cast, and Review

Netflix has given its subscribers another film, A Perfect Pairing, to watch over Saturday. The film, directed by Stuart McDonald and written by Hilary Galanoy and Elizabeth Hackett, follows a wine industry executive who heads to Australia to land a big customer, only to end up working as a farmhand and falling in love with a native guy.

A Perfect Pairing, the latest movie to watch on Netflix, gave the rom-com genre a sweet or savory twist. It does, nevertheless, have everything a classic rom-com would: a magical and surreal profession, lovely scenery, and an attractive farm lad. Lola Alvarez, a wine marketing executive, works at an Australian sheep farm in trying to beat over a significant new customer. Still, she falls in love with the rugged and enigmatic local, Max.

In A Perfect Pairing, Lola’s girl boss character and her problems are quickly established. But, owing to Victoria Justice, who plays Lola, the film feels like a breath of new air. The film’s basic plot is the typical one in which unlikely individuals meet in unusual locations and fall in love while overcoming obstacles.

Review of A Perfect Pairing Netflix Movie

Victoria Justice and Adam Demos star in Netflix's rom-com 'A Perfect Pairing,'
Victoria Justice and Adam Demos star in Netflix’s rom-com ‘A Perfect Pairing,’

Such films, in which two characters fall in love at the same time, make us feel connected. Because such events frequently occur in real life. Because of its simplicity, I am confident that you will enjoy this film. There will be no conflicts, no fighting, no harsh words, and only ” LOVE.”

Victoria’s performance as Lola may appear stereotypical, but the way she delivered even the most cheesy lines effortlessly is something to admire. While her personality may appear to be tiresome to love, her one-liners are memorable.

What’s more striking about her boundless energy is that it perfectly balances out with Max’s harsh exterior, making them an ideal match, much as the film’s headline indicates. Max is calm, modest, and friendly, even when acidic, rather than being a snarky, impatient, and dismissive farm boy. It was a delight to hear Adam Demos’ Australian accent. In addition, his performance in this film is noteworthy. Teenage females fell in love with him because of his lovely gesture.

With its pleasant small-town ambiance and magnificent Australian terrain, A Perfect Pairing stays true to its concept. Lola and Max’s romantic excursion to the vineyard, which provides a nice short tour of the gorgeous family storage room, will appeal to wine lovers.

Victoria Justice and Adam Demos star in Netflix's rom-com 'A Perfect Pairing,'
Victoria Justice and Adam Demos star in Netflix’s rom-com ‘A Perfect Pairing,’

Like with every other rom-com, the film’s main attraction is the inevitable yet predictable discovery at the climax, which adds to the excitement. Here, the dreamlike component is Lola’s zeal as a careerist, which makes viewers trust that miracles do happen. Overall, A Perfect Pairing appears to be based on an identifiable reality. The film is ideal for a weekend viewing because it does not place too much psychological load on the audience. After a long, hectic week, it’s the perfect corny film to watch.

If you enjoy simple love stories, check out A Perfect Pairing on Netflix today.

A Perfect Pairing
Victoria Justice and Adam Demos star in Netflix039s rom com 039A A Perfect Pairing

Director: Stuart McDonald

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