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40 Years Young on Netflix: A Dramatic Comedy Film That Isn’t a Fairy Story!

40 years young is a simple comedy movie On Netflix, but you’ll be able to relate every moment to your own life.

40 Years Young Mexican Netflix Movie Storyline

I sometimes lament the fact that the quantity of slice-of-life comedies is dwindling by the day. Series ON OTT are constantly offered in genres like excitement, mystery, suspense, and others due to their great attractiveness. Audiences adore them, but don’t we all enjoy heartwarming stories? We certainly do! After an extended period, I felt at ease as I started watching 40 Years Young on Netflix. Surprisingly, except for a few setbacks, everything stayed that way. Here’s a quick summary if you’re in a rush and don’t want to read the entire 40 Years Young Review.

40 Years Young Netflix Movie Storyline series on ott
40 Years Young Netflix Movie Storyline series on Ott
OTT Release Date And Platform Netflix  May 3, 2022
IMDB 4.3/10
Genre Comedy
Director Pietro Loprieno
Runtime 1hr 21minutes
Cast Eric Elias (Cesar), Adal Ramones (Paolo), Ximena Gonzalez Rubio (Amelia), Ricardo Zertuche (Enrique), Gaby Espino (Naomi), and Sonia Couoh (Selina)

40 Years Old succeeds in forging an emotional connection with the viewer based on the notion of existence and the associated hardships. It doesn’t go overboard and stays true to the plot. Is it, however, entirely accurate? Please continue reading to learn more about it.

Cesar and Paolo, two cooks in 40 Years Young, are attempting to cope with life’s challenges while working very hard in their job. Cesar discovers a harsh truth that throws his world upside down just when everything seems to be heading in the right direction. Will he find tranquility as he travels to Cancun with Paolo for a cookery contest? Will he be able to overcome his evil mental spirits?

40 Years Young Comedy Movie Review

40 Years Young Comedy Movie Review series on ott
40 Years Young Comedy Movie Review series on Ott

The film is not frivolous in any way. It does not attempt to persuade you or bring you happiness. To put it another way, Netflix’s 40 Years Young is not a mainstream film. Funny events appear authentic, and catastrophes follow a logical pattern. 40 Years Young is not a romance, but it does guarantee that the audience can connect to the narrative.

If you enjoy films with unusual cinematic features (for example, conclusions), you will enjoy 40 Years Young. Numerous touching scenes in the film will profoundly hit your feelings. It consists of in-depth dialogues between friends, colleagues, and couples from which you can draw inspiration for life reflection. Cesar and Enrique’s father-son conversations are also depicted in a casual yet thorough manner. The developing ties between individuals also tugged at my heartstrings.

40 Years Young is all about elegance. The narration is simple, straightforward, and enjoyable. Although brief, the picture’s storyline is conveyed in a manner that guarantees you are engaged. The fact that it only lasts 80 minutes adds to the excitement.

I’ll start with Cesar, played by the elegant Eric Elias. His captivating aura engulfs you as a watcher and makes you want to watch him repeatedly. Actors like him believe in these kinds of stories and make sure they are conveyed to the rest of the civilized world. Because it was a quiet story, Eric had to be careful not to be overly expressive, which he achieved with comfort.

40 Years Young’s hip bone is Adal Ramones. The guy with the apparent stubble is a fantastic artist on display. His comedic timing is excellent, and the way he plays the supporting friend is admirable. Ricardo Zertuche, who plays Enrique, goes to great lengths to make his act adorable and genuine. He had to go through a variety of emotions, from hilarious to sorrowful, and it is commendable for a little boy to come out on top.

40 Years Young comedy movie netflix series on ott
40 Years Young comedy movie Netflix series on ott

Naomi, played by Gaby Espino, was yet another character I absolutely enjoyed. Her charisma was felt in many ways, and the way the producers presented and kept the pace of her character was impressive.40 Years Young could have battled to some level if it hadn’t been for her.

Last Thoughts

Here now, the question is, What doesn’t work for someone who is 40 years old? The movie is, therefore, a little slow! I understand that things do not go at a horse’s pace in everyday life, so criticizing 40 Years Young for being slow could backfire. Considering its brief running time, the film does feel long at moments. Although such occurrences are modest, their presence detracts from the visual experience because there isn’t much to examine in the narrative.

If I had to give you advice as to whether or not you must watch it, I would say yes if you enjoy comforting, slice-of-life comedies.

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